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2019-PLEASE NOTE: Since Google has stopped Open ID comments, I've been receiving Anonymous comments that don't SEEM like spam. If you DO comment on a post, please don't be disappointed if I don't post it. When I started my retirement travels - the first of which was my solo overseas trip to Italy in 2009 - I wanted a way to share it with family and friends as it happened. Hence, "My Travel Journal". However I realized I wouldn't always be on a trip and wondered what to do with the blog in between times. My daughter pointed out, wisely, that travels can also include trips to the kitchen to try a new recipe, trips to visit family, trips to my neighborhood Starbucks, or a fun day trip with a friend. You're welcome to join me on any of these journeys!

P.S. I've set up separate pages for each of my major trips (see tabs above).

I recently added an "Italian Word a Day" thingie which shows up at the bottom of every page. You see the word and can click to hear it pronounced. I've been enjoying it and I think my accent is improving as time goes by.

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I'm slowly building up a collection of blogs that I find special - so far, mostly blogs pertaining to miniatures and cooking. I'm going to search out some nice needlework ones also - there's one I've visited that is really beautiful - I just need to find it again. I'm getting smarter - I'm now learning to say "follow this blog" when I find one that really appeals to me. :)

Without further ado, here's my current list:

A Beautiful World
A Greenleaf Fairfield for Miss Lydia Pickett
La Casa Rossa
Snippets From My Studio
Elly in Amsterdam

Practical Cooking for One
Mangia Bene Pasta - Informative, good recipes, and I love the name "Eat Good Pasta"!

Sandra From Sydney - This is a second blog by the author of "Snippets From My Studio" and is a wonderful account of a 6 month or more that she, her husband and their sun made in a travel trailer through Australia. I found it really good reading.
Hillbilly Hotdogs - Just because I think they're a hoot. And I love their hotdogs and fries!

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