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December 01, 2008

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

This is a recipe for a sandwich that I always get when I visit my sister and we go to a really neat restaurant that's part of an old water mill.  There's also a used bookstore there.  My sister asked them about the salad because I wanted to try and make it at home and they told her the ingredients and I've been fooling with amounts ever since.

Here's what goes into it:

Cooked chicken (I usually make this when I buy a rotisserie chicken)
Curry Powder
A smidgen of mustard and a smidgen of vinegar 
Salt and Pepper

And for my latest batch, I weighed the amount of chicken I used and it was 3 oz.  It was a mix of light and dark meat this time cause that's what I had leftover from the deli chicken).  My batch before this came out too dry and seemed kind of bland to me, so I made a few adjustments this time and kept a little better track of what I did.

I chopped the chicken up fairly small and then didn't have to mince it in my mini-mincer as long as usual which I think helps because the longer you run the mincer trying to get larger chunks minced, the more the smaller pieces become kind of pasty.  Also, I minced the celery (after getting rid of strings) and the carrot first and left them in the mincer cup so that the chicken mixed in with them as it was minced and didn't get all smooshed in the bottom of the cup.  I used probably about a 6" piece of celery and about a 3" piece of carrot.  Dumped it all out into a bowl and then mixed up I would guess about 3 Tbs of mayo, about 1/2 to 3/4 tsp curry powder, maybe 3/4 tsp yellow mustard and probably only about 1/2 tsp vinegar along with some salt and pepper.  Then lightly mixed that into the chicken mixture, trying not to mash it with my fork.  It could be that I used a little more than 3 T. of mayo because I wanted it to be less dry this time.  The amount of curry powder, salt and pepper are obviously a matter of personal taste.

I wish I had measured the mayo, mustard and vinegar exactly because I really like the texture and consistency of this batch.  I'd suggest starting with 2 T mayo, 1/2 tsp mustard and a dribble of vinegar, mixing that into the chicken and if it seems dry, add more of each (say 1T mayo, 1/4 tsp mustard and another dribble of vinegar).

At the restaurant, they serve it on toasted good bread (which I did too) with a tomato slice and lettuce (which I didn't do). And now that we have our own local bakery turning out delicious bread, I've been using her mini-baguettes.  I use about half of one little loaf, cut it open and toast it a bit and then make my sandwich.  Delicious!

The amount I made was enough for 2 sandwiches and it was nummy!

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