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October 28, 2009

Working on My Trip Photos

This is just going to be a short post to let anyone who might come across this blog know that since I wanted to get actual photographs of my trip to Florence, I started looking around for a hopefully inexpensive way to do that.  Started with the DIY kiosks here in town, but with the amount of photos I had, that wasn't as cheap as I wanted. 

So I searched on Google and the first link I tried was to Clark Photo Labs (not sure of the actual name).  Their link is clarkcolor.com and for 4 x 6 prints, they charge 8 cents a print.  So I tested them by submitting 5 photos two different ways - one on glossy paper and one on matte.  Also, when I submitted them a note came up saying that they noticed some of them were taken with a digital camera (which they all were), but that those could be printed as either 4 x 6 (with a slight bit of cropping on the long edges) or as a "tru-digital" which is a print sized at 4 x 5.3".  So with those two sets of photos, I also selected a set with "tru-digital" and one without.  For my purposes (which is putting them all in an album - no framing), I like the tru-digital because I decide during my editing process what, if anything I want cropped and then get the whole print with no further cropping by Clark.  If you wanted to frame a 4 x 6 print in a standard frame, then the tru-digital would be a problem.

At any rate, they also have all the things you can make - posters, calendars, books, mugs, gift items, etc. etc.  And just since I've started using them, I've received 3 "special offer" e-mails - order one print get one print free (making them 4 cents each), 35% off on posters (if I wanted one), and one for free shipping.  So, they've certainly got my vote for price and I've been pleased with the pictures I've received from them so far.  I looked at a couple other sites for making books and they both required that you download software into your computer which I didn't really feel like doing.  Clark's may not be as those, but there are quite a few options as far as page layout, how many photos per page, text or no text on each page, etc.

Oh, and the first 20 prints were free, so it didn't cost anything to test them.  And, no, I don't own stock in the company - just thought I would pass on what I've found.


Christopher said...

Always nice when a company that offers a low-price option, follows through with a good quality product! Looking forward to seeing the results...

Mary Lynne said...

I just got a big batch yesterday and overall am pleased with them. There was one that seems to have a scratch (not on the paper but in the picture) and I don't think the original had that. And on some, especially those with grass, the green is kind of embarassing, but I suppose that's as much my editing on a computer monitor as much as anything else. And since I'll be putting them in an album and probably never looking at them again (but, hey - I'll know I have them!), it's not too important...

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