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March 15, 2010

Ravioli Report...

First the picture...

Now, the review.  Overall, I'm quite happy with this attempt.  The filling was quite different, but with each additional bite, it grew on me.  It was fairly sweet...obviously because of the biscotti, but a sweet potato is sweeter than pumpkin so it would be interesting to try this recipe with pumpkin or butternut squash.  But this was quite enjoyable.  I learned another thing I did wrong - I took the ravioli out of the refrigerator and left it sitting out long enough that it got sticky and I had a difficult time getting it into the water so it was kind of messy looking.  I had one ravioli that ended up with an air bubble but I poked a hole in it and it did all right.  I used my sage butter that I cooked up a while back and it was tasty.  I browned my piece of pork tenderloin and put the sage leaves on top and roasted it for a bit in my toaster oven.  I also roasted the broccoli.  So all in all, it was quite a tasty dinner and I'm ready to get back to work on making the perfect ravioli.  I need to think of something not quite so sweet as a biscotti.  I'm wondering about those Anna's ginger crisp cookies...

And to celebrate my progress, and to celebrate the fact that after being off for 2 hours, our electricity came back on in time for me to cook a late dinner, I opened a nice bottle of Dellacorti Chianti. :)

Buona sera...


vrmichie said...

Wow. Three postings that I hadn't seen and all combined they half-way tempt me to try making fresh pasta. Maybe in two or three years. The raviolis all look quite respectable, imho, and the last four absolutely perfect. I think those Annie's cookies sound like a good idea. The mighty Ohio is really impressive; two hours without power not so. xoxo

January said...

That's internet speak for, "I'd really enjoy eating a plateful of that."

Anonymous said...

We always heavily flour our ravioli form before we place the dough on the form. (Yes, 4 hands are easier than 2.) I'm going to try that flour/oil spray next time. We don't worry about air pockets as much as sealed seams around the ravioli. A little brush with water on the edges helps. Then, we freeze the ravioli flat before bagging them into serving sizes. Can't wait to try the recipe from your link. Buono appetito!


Mary Lynne said...

Thanks so much for your comment - I'm glad you think the flour/oil spray may be a good idea. I'm anxious to try it. I did use the water trick on the edges of the dough and the ones I froze, I also froze flat. And cooked them straight from the freezer. Some recipe I read said if you've frozen them thaw them, but since I let that other batch sit out too long til it got all sticky, I decided not to thaw these.

My grandson is coming to stay with me during his spring break and he doesn't know it yet, but we're going to be making ravioli! :)

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