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April 15, 2010

Spring Has Sprung in Huntington

Actually, some of it's already over so I missed the tulip trees and a couple of the fruit varieties.  But today I walked down to Ritter Park to have lunch with Jamie (she walked from work and we ate healthy so we're both feeling pleased with ourselves).  I had my phone with me and decided to try and get some pictures of how lovely spring is here.  What is really incredibly beautiful are the American Redbuds, but they're more in woodsy areas and along the highways.  Anyway, here are my photos for today...

The last three pictures are of a building located behind a pizza parlor.  I think it's their storage building or maybe not.  And I think the woman who painted our roof-top trompe l'oiel (sp?) painted this building also.  I love it!

And that's it!  I didn't write a book this time (tee hee).


Christopher said...

A walk along Ritter Park is always lovely, but yes, spring definitely puts it over the top... those grand houses, the flowering trees... just beautiful! Can't help but smile seeing such harmony.
And the painted building is really neat---I've never seen/heard of that in Huntington---holding out secrets, eh?

Mary Lynne said...

Gosh Chris, you've forced me to say if you'd get yourself to htgn, you could see all its wonders in person. Normally, I'd never say something like that cause it might sound like whining but...


Diane Adams said...

Mary Lynn: Love your pics! I've only been back East once. I visited an online friend in Vermont during the Fall. I loved it! Thought about moving there right up until I remembered the snow pic she'd once sent me. I'm a desert rat - NO LIKEY SNOW!!!

Mary Lynne said...

Thanks, Diane. I do think spring is probably the most beautiful season here. So many shades of green, so many different types of flowering trees, and the forsythia (which is already done) and the azaleas (which are just starting) are always so gorgeous. Autumn can be beautiful, but it's much more dependent on the weather and sometimes just ends up kind of brown...

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