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October 01, 2010

Thursday - A Two Posts Day!

It needs to be two days mostly because I couldn't quit taking pictures.  And I'm so glad I got the new camera.  Only thing is, I think editing my pictures in my dark hotel room might not be the best idea.  Today, I took my netbook to my favorite caffe for a sweet and a pot of tea and worked resizing my pictures to a more postable size.  I was surprised to see that a lot of them looked much lighter than they had in my hotel room (where I had been lightening a lot of them because they looked so dark).  So, why don't we just say that they're all fantastic pictures and if there's anything wrong with any of them, it's because of my working conditions, right? :)

This first post will be pictures from my morning walk.

Every day when I've walked up from my hotel to the Corso Vanucci, I've seen this little tiny side street winding down to who knows where and yesterday, I decided I'd just go down it and see where it went.  The only problem is, of course, that all of these little streets just go to another little street and that one goes to another, etc., etc.  But it was a beautiful morning so I just wandered on and on.  Took lots of pictures trying to get some that would give an idea of the maze-like aspect of this town, but that's probably impossible. 

Anyway, I ended up realizing I had no idea how to go back the way I had come.  But, I figured if I just kept on walking, I would finally come out somewhere that I could recognize and, eventually, that's what happened.  I wish I could spout off all the street names like I enjoyed doing so much in Florence last year, but Perugia's signage isn't quite as good as Florence's and my map of Perugia only has the main streets named (another reason it was so easy to get lost).

So without further ado, here are the pictures from my walk.

The first thing I did was go back to the restaurant where I ate Wednesday night to get a picture of it and this is the upstairs dining area.  Very cozy and nice.
And this is that little street that beckoned me.  It has arches all over the place!

Can you see how these streets just seem to say "what about me - I look interesting, don't I?" 

This was a really big arch - big enough to be an apartment or two, I'd think.  Lots of them are probably at most just a walkway or maybe a room for one of the buildings on either side.

After this warren of winding, narrow, shady streets, I came out into this bright kind of wide open space.  It was basically just a place where several streets converged, but it was a gorgeous view.  I wonder if the people in the buildings facing this always enjoy it, or if they get used to it?  I still enjoy my view at home, so I imagine they do too.

From that open space there was a long stone staircase going down to this open "place" for want of a better word. It had that wide, flat staircase you can see here which faced a grove of quite large olive trees.  There's no sign that says what it is and I can't really imagine what its purpose would be but there it was, so I went on down there too. 

From down there looking up at some of the buildings above.

And the trees were full of olives - I think they're on the small side probably - they seem smaller than the ones I remember seeing when I was taking my walk in Montefioralle last year but I imagine these may not be tended as carefully as an actual olive grove.

This is a part of the very high, long wall that curves around this open green space.  I wish I could know what this place is ...

I took this just because the door was such pretty wood and also quite little.  I don't think it was too much taller than I am.

And this is the last of my "lost" pictures.  I don't really remember how I found my way back and where I came out when I did find my way out.  The first picture after this one was on the Corso Vanucci so that was probably the first time I knew where I was!

We will now take a break!


Christopher said...

Looks like the camera is a more-than-capable replacement to the old one; terrific pics. I was trying to locate that mini amphitheater via Google Maps satellite view of Perugia, and didn't see anything remotely like it... curious! Looks like it was a lovely day to be out, too!

vrmichie said...

The amphitheater is intriguing and so is the wooden door especially when you say it's not much taller than you. I wonder if the plaque next to it is from long ago and perhaps indicated a tradesman or something of the sort? Do lots of doors have that kind of thing? And the arches are quite wonderful. I wonder if the buildings started out separate and then got connected as families grew or for in-laws or what. I bet if they were being connected today, it wouldn't be with arches. Anyway, you're in an intriguing and lovely place. Hope the weather continues to be good and that your not mentioning your cold means it's vastly much better. xxoo

Hi! said...

That's what I have been feeling - I find I'm curious about everything and there's just not a whole lot of information as you go around the city. Who knows what the "amphitheater" was or is, who knows why they connected their buildings SO frequently with the archways, who knows how any of them ever managed to find their way around?! But it makes for very interesting wandering. And yes, aside from some coughing, I seem to have won out over the cold. And hopefully, tomorrow is supposed to finally warm up which is nice cause I sure don't have much in the way of chilly weather clothes and each day has been a little chillier than the day before.

Hi! said...

From Marlene in California:

You bought a great replacement camera, Mary Lynne. Superb photos! I wonder what those walled up arches are on the buildings -- ancient doors? Seeing those pictures makes me want to go to Italy! Looking forward to part 2. Marlene

Hi! said...

I found a name for that "amphitheater" place - Giardini del Campaccio. But anything I found on line referring to it was all in Italian so I don't know what it is except a public garden type area.

Today's Saturday and the fog is thick as pea soup but it's supposed to clear and actually be a nice and warmer day, so hopefully that will happen before this afternoon! :)

Mary Lynne

January said...

Well that was an absolutely delightful walk around with you! Thank goodness you decided on a new camera rather than sticking with your iPhone, because that was just a great series of pictures. I think my favorite part about the door is its handle right in the middle...
And congratulations on winning out over the cold :)

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