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November 16, 2010

A Few More Photos from Tartufi Bianconi

Thanks to Terri, the lady from California who was with us on the truffle hunt adventure, I now have pictures of more of the food.  I didn't get any of these because my camera batter had died.  I had been thinking about contacting Jane because I had her e-mail address (didn't have Terri's) but I didn't want to be a bother so hadn't done it yet, but I was really wishing I had a more complete memory of what Gabriella made and served for our dinner.  So here are three more pictures to round out the story.

This one is of all of us - I only had one I had taken myself.  So here is the hearty tribe of truffle hunters.  From the left it's Terri, Jane, me grinning like an idiot, and Betty Lou.

This plate was served as an antipasti.  And the item in the center is flan with cheese.  It had a souffle like texture and was delicious but insanely simple to make.  In her little recipe booklet she suggests serving it with truffle honey drizzled over it but as you can see here, she shaved fresh truffles on top.  The little toasts have various of their products on them - I think probably their porcini mushroom spread, black truffle spread, white truffle spread, and the red one is probably a roasted red pepper or sun-dried tomato one.  She made her little flans in a silicone mold like a cupcake mold only they were this pretty little pointed oval shape.

And this is what really had me stumped and wanting to contact someone and say "what did we do with the frascarelli?"  I had a picture of making it and I knew that she served us a plate with three little round "things" which I thought were probably the frascarelli, but I don't know where I was when she was putting them together - in la-la land, perhaps.  Anyway, Terri tells me that she of course, cooked the frascarelli, then sauted some tomatoes with garlic and made one little round thing with that mixed into the pasta, another little round thing with truffles mixed into the pasta, and then the third little round thing is some of their truffle-infused polenta served with a rich bechamel sauce.  And I had totally forgotten that we even had polenta...and I love polenta!

So having Terri send me all this is really wonderful.  I want to try a couple of these things myself and now know for sure what's what and it was fun to relive it all again.  So a big thank you to Terri!

And I told my sister when we talked today - I dreamed last night I was back in Italy and was so stunned and excited to be back so soon...so it's nice to know I've absorbed enough of Italy that I can now dream about it. :)

Buona sera.


Christopher said...

Mmm, mmm, mmm... looks delish!

January said...

Very nice indeed. And your dream sounds better than mine last night, which was a sort of illustrated slide-show, with narration, of Augustine's "On Free Choice of the Will". The illustrations were pretty, but I woke up annoyed to have been dreaming about what I'm teaching today :)
Anyway, that all looks tasty as can be!

From the Editor's Desk... said...

Well, I'm sort of stunned at the idea of a slide-show dream of St. Augustine's treatise. I think I'll stick with dreaming of Italy! But remember to tell me about it next time we talk. :)


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