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November 02, 2010

My Tartufi Bianconi Chicken Roll

Tonight was the night.  I finally had some decent sized chicken breasts (the first one I bought looked like a turkey breast - huge!!) and had decided I was going to chance it and wrap up my chicken roll in Saran Wrap rather than the special "paper" Gabriella had used for the wonderful meal she prepared for us (see my report on the truffle hunt adventure).  I found that paper on line and would need to come up with all sorts of recipes that could use it because cheap it is not!

So, really, the pictures I took can speak for themselves pretty much although of course, I will add my two cents. :)

Here's my chicken breast all flattened out which took a lot more pounding than I had thought it would.  And I may have pounded it thinner than it actually needed to be.

and here it is with the tartufata spread around on it.  Tartufata is basically minced truffles in olive oil, I believe.  Oh, the aroma...

Then we cover the tartufata with some prosciutto...

Then sprinkle some parmesan over that - the recipe in Gabriella's little cookbook called for fresh cheese and I think she might have used pecorino, but parmesan was what I had.

And I actually managed to get it rolled up and tied.  It had holes in the meat here and there and that's why I think maybe I didn't need to pound it quite so thin.  And it certainly was easier to roll it up on the special cooking paper that Gabriella had than on Saran Wrap, but so it goes.  Oops - after I posted Jamie asked how I cooked it wrapped in Saran Wrap and I guess I forgot to mention that part - you drop it in a pan of boiling water for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, I had decided I would have some linguine with a dressing of truffle butter, regular butter, olive oil, garlic and parsley so here that is ready to cook up.

And there's my little roll almost lost among the noodles and pattern on the plate!  I drizzled some of my balsamic over it cause I couldn't remember for sure what Gabriella had over hers, but I think something.  Maybe a cheese sauce - I remember she cooked up something that she called cheese fondue but it wasn't for dipping like we do...I added the peas cause that's the only green thing I had and that was it!  I don't think it was quite as good as what we had that evening, but it was plenty good enough for me to clean my plate. :)

If anyone decides they want to try some truffle products, I would strongly recommend buying them from an Italian supplier.  I've purchased truffle salt and truffle oil here in the states and there's simply no comparison between those and what I purchased in Italy.

Bon appetito!


Diane Adams said...

Oooh Dang! Now you've made me hungry!!! Really looks yummy.

Christopher said...

Oh wow... Makin' my mouth water... I can only imagine that truffle/oil spread! Glad you brought some Italy home.

From the Editor's Desk... said...

Thanks guys! It was pretty tasty and not a lot of work either Unlike my first attempts at home made pasta after my trip last year!! :)

January said...

Yum yum yum!
That sounds delicious.
Also, the meat pounder thing you have is not a mallet! It seems like it would be weird to use, but do you like it better than the mallet-shaped kind?

jamie said...

wow! You know how fussy I am about trying new things, but that looks amazing! How did you cook the chicken in saran wrap?

From the Editor's Desk... said...

The only mallet type I ever had was a wooden one so it didn't seem real heavy to me and plus which it was a square block of wood and so the corners kind of tore the paper and the meat...I like this one - it's heavy and all rounded edges. Maybe I should get you one for Christmas! :)


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