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December 02, 2010

I've Added Some Recipes to My Collection

And sometime   I'm going to figure out a way to organize them into categories or something.  But for now,  I'm just going to put them in with all the others.

Here are the ones I'll be posting today so if you want to take a look at any of them, click on the "My Recipe Collection" link above.

Baked Potato Soup (a good one right now - it's been snowing off and on all day!)
Split Pea Soup
Osso Buco
Short Rib Ragu
Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich
Chicken Ragu Over Polenta
Vegetable Gratine for One
Roasted Carrots W/Orange Brown Butter and Sage
Smoked Salmon Fettucine for One
My Sister's Mushroom Sauce for Pasta

I've made all of these myself and they're ones I saved as keepers.  In fact I'm glad I decided to post them cause it's made me think I need to make them again.  I have some smoked salmon in the fridge, actually.  And tonight I'm baking a potato but I'm going to slow cook cabbage to serve over it so won't be turning it into soup.  That cabbage over potatoes was a dish I came up with when I was doing Weight Watchers and counting points.  I chop up the cabbage, put it in a skillet with some water (not a lot), add 1 tsp butter and 1 tsp bacon grease and cook until really soft and brothy.  Dump it on top of the opened, salted and peppered potato and it is good!  And 5 points!  I sometimes add onions too...oh, and sometimes I do the same thing but with fresh green beans.  And the cooking until quite soft is the West Virginia way and I love it.

So, buon appetito and if you try any of these, I hope you enjoy them and/or will let me know how you liked them.

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