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March 06, 2011

Sunday and Another Brief One

I think my last post was after the ball game.  Since then there hasn't been a lot of excitement but there has been a lot of great weather - sunny, not at all too hot, lots flying in on the wind and flying out soon enough that it doesn't get gloomy.  Each day there was a little more cleaning - my biggest job was cleaning the living room, dining room and my bedroom windows and this evening, after washing the living room patio doors three different times with three different cleaning agents, I was really ticked off to come out from my bedroom to see the sun blasting through horribly smeared glass.  I really am flummoxed because the last thing I did was go buy a bottle of ammonia, mix it with water, use that to wash them with and dried them with newspaper which has always worked like a charm for me.  It's embarrassing to know that I'm leaving them in such a state, but I gave it my best shot.

We did our cleaning mostly in the mornings and then would go out here and there during the afternoon and evening.  Did some shopping and each bought some clothes and then each returned some the next day which is very typical for me.  Friday night, we ended up down at one of the village squares and boy, the weekends are a happenin' time in The Villages!  Other evenings we would see a few brave souls dancing around the bandstand, but Friday night it was standing room only.  The guy they had  providing the music was really great - sort of a combined entertainer/exercise instructor I think.  Everyone was dancing but they were following his movements and he was moving!  A hoot to watch...

Friday night after our shopping, we got bold and tried an Indian restaurant we had seen and I'm so glad we did.  It was very nice, great staff, and very good food.  Turned out our waiter had only been waiting tables for 2 days and was only working at the restaurant as a busboy and in the kitchen for 2 weeks before that and he knew that menu inside-out.  Was very helpful and patient with questions and such.  So we had a delicious meal.  And then last night I fixed my pork tenderloin with the sauteed apples and baked potatoes and it was quite tasty too.

Finally, today, there really wasn't much cleaning left so we putzed around starting to get ready to leave tomorrow and then went out again.  I took some pictures just cause it was such a beautiful day.  All morning it was very cloudy and windy but still nice cause the skies kept changing.  We first went to this huge craft fair type thing that was going on outside at the Spanish Springs village and saw all sorts of neat things and had a tasty hotdog for lunch.  When we were through with that we went and got another ice cream at that place that I had swooned over and then started home.

We're leaving a little earlier than we planned to go home.  We'll leave tomorrow morning but then stop in Savannah, Georgia with enough time to walk around some of the historic center.  Then we'll only(?) have an 8-hour trip the next day which will beat our 13 hour trip coming down, for sure.

So here are my pictures:

 A back corner of "the Church on the Square" in the Spanish Village.  There's a lovely little garden back here too but my picture of it didn't do it justice.

 However, this beautiful pond was in one corner of the garden with two extremely white ducks and two beautiful dark ducks that had dark purple shiny heads and then shiny purple, brown, black feathers on their backs and wings.  Unfortunately, I deleted my one good picture of them.  They were very busy just then cleaning their feathers so most of the pictures were blurred.

 And I finally got a picture (actually several as you'll see next) of Spanish moss which I learned I love!  Isn't it fantastic?!

And this one I took just because by this time the day the sky was just so beautiful...

So, maybe hopefully one more post about Savannah and then home again.


Diane Adams said...

Loved your Florida trip. Seeing the pics really makes me want to go visit my brother who lives in Orlando.

Christopher said...

Certainly much better weather than up here... we actually have a few area school closings (the outlying counties) this morning, due to icy conditions! But this morning the sun is out, so I don't expect it to last; spring is on the way!
PS---have a Happy Birthday!!

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