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May 03, 2011

Short and Sweet

I seem to so seldom finish any of my needle work that I thought I'd better record a successful completion.  I think I posted earlier with a couple of progress pictures that I was working on some quilt blocks a woman had asked me to make up for her and after finishing the stitching a few days ago and working on the frames, I finally got them all put together and signed and here they are.

I'm happy with them and hope she will be.  I think the two smaller ones look a little distorted in the picture, but they're not.  I made the frames from a very hard wood (I think maybe cocobolo or some such?) and was about ready to spit nails by the time I finally got all the pieces cut!  But all's well that ends well...

Now I'm going to have my little dinner of a tuna/pasta/grape tomatoes, olives and onion salad I made last night that is quite nummy.  Used olive oil and balsamic rather than mayo or something like that and it was good and I'm starving!


Di Adams said...

These are so pretty. I just love quilt stuff. Makes me think I need to do another stitched quilt. Haven't done one in awhile.

Marlene said...

They look great, Mary Lynn! She should be very pleased with your expert work. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your good food!
Your friend, Marlene

Mary Lynne said...

Thanks, ladies!! Hope she likes them as much as you do. :)

rosanna said...

They are so pretty and clean. I love how you did them. Rosanna

Christopher said...

Congratulations! They look terrific together.
(I think you should take another photo of the trio, but say, with a dime in the photo, for scale.)
The distortion you're seeing is "barrel distortion" and is a function of the camera lens; some lenses do it when zoomed in all the way, and some may do it during macro shots.

vrmichie said...

Didn't realize you were into construction as well as microscopic needlework. Don't know how you manage to see what you're doing!! How big/small are they? They look lovely whatever their size. I've been thinking about a tuna/pasta salad too -- must be the arrival of spring. AND they've started harvesting asparagus so that's also on my eating list. xoxo

January said...

Nice work, Mama! And that's for the stitching AND the frames - they look very sharp and tidy. I can't see how the person who ordered them would be anything other than very happy with them!

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