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June 26, 2011

Saturday Night and It's All Done

I'm going to pretty much just post my pictures and video links from today's "work".  My first photo has a time stamp of 5:59 a.m. and the last photo taken was at 7:00 p.m.  I had been out running a couple of errands and when I got home, it was looking like they were pretty much finished up.  So I got myself upstairs, grabbed my camera, and watched while they got their trucks all positioned, moved the last of the road closed signs, and took off down Fifth Avenue.

So without further ado, here are a batch of photos:

First pic of the morning - very few people about as yet and they're getting the cage ready to hoist up.

The little green crane that could is already working away - this is looking down from my bedroom window to the canopy that extends out from our lobby door.

I didn't realize it til I got up on the roof, but there was also a marathon early this morning - this is the last of the runners coming in...

Then they gathered at Pullman Square.

Back at work, they're struggling to get this long side piece off and up.  Part of it is behind a metal ladder that runs from the lower roof to the upper - think it would have been easier if they had sliced the trim piece in two.

I thought I heard a dove cooing...

All the red trim is off now so they can start on the sign.  It takes quite a while!

They used an acetylene torch to cut through whatever was holding all this stuff on. 

Here are the trim pieces and the first sign (there are three of them) on the ground.

I don't know when they took their lunch break, but I took mine and while I was outside, I got this picture from the ground up.

For the second and third signs, they had to do the cutting work from the cage - no convenient roof space to walk around on.

And here's that third sign going down to the trash.

Getting later in the day and they're now in the clean-up stage.  I guess all that black on the pavement must be from using the torch to cut the metal pieces into smaller pieces.

 And as long as I was up there, I figured I might as well take a couple shots of that beautiful river:

I should probably have taken more still shots and fewer videos cause the videos didn't turn out real great - I used the zoom a fair amount and didn't realize how blurry that would make the pictures.  But here are the links to the ones I kept.  Somewhat repetitive and basically boring, but it was exciting while it was all going on. :)


Not very fancy, but I've worn myself out with all this hi-tech stuff! 


Christoper said...

Neato! I look forward to seeing the building in its "natural" state now...
And I love that shot of the dangling 5/3 sign! Really cool...!

Chinch said...

Awesome! Awesome! And I thought the videos turned out great. I especially liked what I think was your voice saying "whoa" as it looked like the first piece to go down was going to swing back and knock a few guys off the roof. Also loved the HUGE side piece floating thru space. I think you should send a letter to the construction company with a link to your blog so they can all watch what they were doing and I think they should have given you a ride in the cage for being such a good recorder!

Mary Lynne said...

Thanks, guys. I really did enjoy it all - was such fun to have a ringside seat. And at one point after lunch, I was leaning out the window watching ground activity and here were the roof guys coming up in the cage so I waved and got a "hi" and wave back. I'd sort of imagine they thought "man, that woman is weird!" :)


Janet said...

Great pictures - it looks like you had a fun day!

Mary Lynne said...

It WAS a fun day, Janet and I found out it wasn't quite all done either. They spent Monday and Tuesday with two huge 18-wheelers parked on this same street while they moved whatever there was left to move out of the bank. Then Wednesday, I came back from some errand to find that there was yet another crane (not as big and impressive)being used to spray paint "erase" the painted sign on the no window side of the building.

So, NOW, I think they are really, really done. :)

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