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November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day and I'm Waiting to Eat!

And it dawned on me I had never finished reporting on my sister's visit.  I guess the main thing to report would be that we did another letterbox search on Friday.  This one was in Ritter Park and involved three letterboxes planted by the same person.

It was such a pretty day compared to the day before.  Beautiful blue sky, lots of sun, but still quite chilly.  And this was a much easier quest than the Rotary Park one also.  I mean, we had to really search for the exact spot which is harder than it sounds, but it was all on level ground - no hills to climb and slide down.  We did find all three eventually and I have to say - it's just fun to have to follow clues and poke around here and there and finally...success!!

I took a fair number of pictures because Ritter Park is a beautiful area and it was a beautiful day and there were beautiful trees.  So here's my attempt to capture some of the beauty (oh, and we saw a deer right there in the park, but I wasn't quick enough to capture that).

Pictures of our first find of the three.  I didn't take pictures of the other two - I think Chinch felt like we were going to be stopped by the Letterbox Police at any moment or, if not, then at least by some passerby wondering what these two crazy old ladies were up to.

The second one was probably the hardest to find - the planter had done almost too good a job of hiding it.  The third one would have been relatively easy except for the fact that it was about two somethings (can't say what) beyond where the clue said it would be.  But we persevered and found them both.

The rest of these pictures are just some of the trees that caught my eye.

Aren't they just something??  And isn't that sky also something??  Same tree in both pics, by the way - just the one on the right shows it all the way to the ground...

This tree is really incredible - four huge trunks coming out of one base.  These were sycamores so they're that beautiful bright white which is so lovely against a blue sky.

This was so pretty because there were two huge white sycamores across the stream from each other.  Couldn't really get the white to show well, though...

The one on the right is basically the same place but we were on a little stone bridge so I got some of that in the picture ...

And this last one we noticed on the way back to the car because of the way the two trees were leaning in towards one another.  Had a very friendly look...

So that was our Ritter Park day.  We went to Huntington Prime that evening for dinner and to have a drink up in the new 15th floor place only to discover that it wasn't open yet!  So that was a disappointment.  But all in all, it was such a very nice visit.

As I say, I'm still waiting to eat my Thanksgiving dinner.  This is my second year of staying here by myself for Thanksgiving and, like last year, I've gone whole hog with my dinner.  But I will report about that after I've eaten it. :)  I'm trying a new roast pork recipe and figure if I don't like it I have a whole 9" pumpkin pie I can fill up on!  LOL!!

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Christopher said...

Looks like a really gorgeous day... I love those white sycamores, too... I see several on my drive to the cathedral, and they always just pop out at you on a sunny day. That 4-trunks-in-1 is pretty impressive!

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