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March 17, 2012

Food for Thought and Maybe Indigestion

"The voters to whom he is appealing this year..............are drawn to Mr. Santorum’s moral certitude, his fire-and-brimstone passion, his pugilistic posture of never giving up and never giving in."

I found the statement quoted above in a New York Times article about Rick Santorum's campaign published on 3/17.  Apparently, they're doing in-depth articles about all the presidential candidates - not coming down on one side or the other, so this was not necessarily a negative quote in the context of the article.

But I read it and it bothered me enough that I decided to post it here.  I'm not going to say if I'm a Republican or Democrat and I'm not going to say where I stand on all the divisive issues - abortion, homosexuality, war or no war, etc.  And I don't need to know if you are Republican or Democrat or where you stand on the divisive issues.

But I think everyone should think about whether or not they want their president to "never give up - never give in".  That could be a very dangerous stance for any politician, be they liberal or conservative.

Apparently, Mr. Santorum never watched the episodes of Sesame Street where they taught the concept and benefits of "compromise".

Please vote carefully!


Christopher said...

It does seem counter-intuitive that at this time in our history and state in our society, that we'd have any hope of fixing our myriad issues with a "fire-and-brimstone", "moral certitude", "never give up" personality. Until we see a presidential election where a perfect 100% of the vote went to one candidate, we will always be a nation of vast beliefs, opinions, cultures and backgrounds---all of which certainly demands a leader that can in fact, compromise expertly, to try and serve the needs of all Americans, not merely the percentage that voted him or her into office.

Jamie said...

Amen, sister!

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