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May 10, 2012

Bonjour, mes amis!

This is going to be very light on words and very heavy on pictures. Once I got to my room in Nice and got settled in, I was pretty tired but wanted to stay up til a decent hour at night so I went out for a very long stroll from the apartment down to the harbor, then a ways along the Promenade des Anglais and then up into the rabbit warren of streets that make up "old Nice".  Then back almost to the Promenade to see if I could find a place I had seen going up into old Nice where I thought I would like to eat.  I found it, ate, and then a long, long walk back through the rabbit warren, to the grocery store to get some yogurt for breakfast, and then home where I've been enjoying the e-mails that were waiting for me and editing the photos I took today.

The main reason there won't be much to say about them is that they are just pictures - I don't think I saw any touristy type sites and the few things I saw that I thought probably meant something, I didn't have a guide book to tell me about them so I can't tell you about them.

But it's a record of my day, starting with the first pictures taken from the plane as we came into Nice - it was truly a stunning view and as you'll see from these and the rest of the photos, it was also a beautiful first day.

I'm pretty sure these are the Alps.  And then the rest are of the Mediterranean and Nice as it appeared.

The next batch I took while I was waiting for it to be time to go check into my room.  It's in a woman's apartment, not in a hotel, and she doesn't want people to come until 2:00.  So I did a practice run to make sure I could find her place, then backtracked a little and enjoyed all the pretty parks, trees, flowers, etc.

Now I can tell you that the picture on the left is the statue of Garibaldi who did something heroic I'm pretty sure  It's in the Parc Garibaldi and it's a very nice spot - lots of benches and big.

And on the right are some of the fountains at a strange square called the Acropolis.  I think when I had a guidebook from the library, I read why but I can't remember now.  The building it's all in front of is just a big, square modern building...

And I can also tell you that this is two shots of what locals call "the square head".  My landlady's notes on finding her place said I would turn onto a street and find the square head building and that's where I'd make my next turn.  I sure didn't see anything that looked like a square head and pondered for a while whether to keep going that direction or not, but once I got down to the next intersection, there is was and I LOVE it!!  Turns out it's the public library which is actually underground and in the square head are the library's offices.  Sure would hate to work there - not a window anywhere.

Kind of reminds you of Italy, doesn't it?

And I just left all these in a single line which makes a very long post, but I'm too sleepy to try and arrange them.  I've also discovered that as far as I can tell, you can no longer enlarge the pictures to their original size by clicking on them.  Instead, you go to some weird slide show type set-up.  Don't know that any of you ever did that but on long shots it's hard to get an idea of the details without seeing it larger.

Ah, well, I'm going to see how I do at sleeping.  I lost my ear plugs (will buy some tomorrow if I can remember) and with the windows open which I would prefer, the noise is pretty astounding.  Plus which I'm not too sure how long the TV will be on... but I think tonight I'm sleepy enough to sleep through anything once I get there.

I really have had a nice first day - just too tired to give a good impression of it.  But trust me, you'd love it here too. :)


Elga said...

Lovely photos, it is so beautiful. Hope you have a good nights sleep. Guess what, you are in the same time zone as me now!

Mary Lynne said...

That's right Elga - I never thought of that. And so is Elly, right?

Christopher said...

Wow... it does feel Italian in some of those shots... and of course, so Mediterranean! Love the yellow buildings especially. And that square-head building/structure is really impressive---perhaps they only have meeting rooms inside or something... it does seem like a weird place to make people work! Unless it is truly ornamental only? Bon soir and I hope you feel rested and ready to take on Nice tomorrow!

Diane Adams said...

Lovely pics Mary Lynn. Hope you got a decent nights sleep and have a great day ahead.

elly in amsterdam said...

You bet Mary Lynne !

elly in amsterdam said...

Emmmmm, have you got THE CAT ?????

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mary Lynne, I'm almost there with you:) Great update and beautiful photos! Fabulous from the plane, too!
Please don't forget about the hilltowns just 15 minutes or so from Nice!
Hope you sleep well---

Mary Lynne said...

Marlene wrote:

Pictures are full of color. No need for words! Poor knee, but glad it wasn't a break. Don't let anything slow you down from having a wonderful time.Love,Marlene

And thanks to all of you for taking the time to send me a note. Much appreciated and yes, Elly, I have the CAT!! :) Hopefully, he enjoyed the flight...

Elga said...

Mary Lynne, right click on the photos and open them in a new tab, then they are bigger, sometimes they have a plus sign on them when you hover your mouse on them, click your mouse and they get even bigger, it all depends on the size of the original photo.

Jamie said...

Omg! It is so gorgeous. Love the shots down by the harbor. Love love love that yellow building. The shots looking up in what looks like an alley w the shutters is very artsy. You will have to get some framed. how is the apartment?. Be safe and have a wonderful time. Keep taking pics!!!!!

January said...

I want to go to there . . . so so beautiful! I can imagine you strolling along quite happily :)
Hope it stays perfect!

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