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May 27, 2012

My salute to the so very lovely Eiffel Tower

With the majority of these pictures,  I didn't zoom in or crop them to make them bigger or anything.  I want the pictures to show what I was seeing so you can see it as you would if you were here.  So, you'll see crowds of people, and various food stands, etc., but I bet you'll be like me and not pay much attention to them.  They'll be in the order I took them so after numerous shots of the Tower, I wandered off into that park area and took some from there along with just one or two from the Ecole Militaire.  Hope you enjoy them all but be prepared to see some that probably look very much the same to you.  I pretty much kept taking them as I went down the several flights of stairs and walked towards the bridge.

My first look when I turned my head - and truly - it just made me smile.  I was always awed by the Duomo but with the Eiffel Tower, it just makes me feel happy.
 On Place Trocadero

 No one can say I wasn't there. :)

 Viewing it across the Seine and how about that street sign right across from the Eiffel Tower?!
 Starting across the bridge over the Seine
 and off the bridge now.
And this is close a I could get and still get some of it in a picture.  So beautiful - I've decided I think it's feminine - it's so lacy.
 Look closely to find the people coming down the stairs...

 And the man with an incredible idea...

 This was on the way to the Ecole Militaire
And this is directly centered in front of the Ecole Militaire.  I have to confess - it's captured my heart. :)

Just a couple of facts...the Tower stands 1,063 feet tall including it's antenna which is taller than the Chrysler building in NYC and its four support pillars straddle 3.5 acres of ground.

I sure hope you enjoyed your visit and I also hope your feet aren't as tired as mine!

P.S. - I may get myself back there and go up at least two levels.  The lines were so long by the time I got over there that I wasn't even sure where they were going.  They have about 4 different kinds of lines, I think.  Lots of people were going up the stairs though...I think about maybe trying for level 1 where you can then get on the elevator and go the rest of the way but I suppose the smart thing would be to get on the elevator at the lowest level.


Elga said...

The Tower is beautiful, love all your photos. And of course Gustave Eiffel was the structural engineer for the Statue of Liberty in NY just before he designed the Eiffel tower.

Christopher said...

Some terrific photos in there, mom! I love the last one, with the squared off hedges marching down the right. And the one kinda looking up one leg... And the one where one leg comes down to its base, behind a little pond.. Very, very nice images! Glad it was a gorgeous day, too. I can easily see where seeing the tower would be a heart-capturing experience... as it just grows bigger and bigger as you approach. May something capture your heart in every city you visit!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! Love your comments and wonderful photos. I agree with Chris re: "May something capture your heart in every city you visit!" How true,
Mary Lynne---I really commend you on this solo journey (I know you've taken others before--not sure if this extensive)---what a journey! Really admire you!

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