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When I started my retirement travels - the first of which was my solo overseas trip to Italy in 2009 - I wanted a way to share it with family and friends as it happened. Hence, "My Travel Journal". However I realized I wouldn't always be on a trip and wondered what to do with the blog in between times. My daughter pointed out, wisely, that travels can also include trips to the kitchen to try a new recipe, trips to visit family, trips to my neighborhood Starbucks, or a fun day trip with a friend. You're welcome to join me on any of these journeys!

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May 12, 2012

P.S. to Friday

I somehow missed just a few pictures I took on my stroll home - must have been the late hour I was working. :)

Just a couple of cuties playing in the fountain at Place Garibaldi - they had plastic cups and kept wanting to drink the water from the fountain which did not please their Maman - don't know why she didn't just take the cups away.  But they were having fun and getting wetter and wetter.  The rest of the pictures I took while in the garden area around the square head.  And Chris was right in his comment - I saw one panel with lights still on and took a picture of that.  It's real pretty in there also although I couldn't take a picture of a statue that is there because there was a couple making fairly passionate whoopee underneath it!  The building is just one that I think is real attractive and the strange metalwork is the fence around the library/park.  I'm wondering just what goes on in that library that they have such a secure fence and such a sequestered building, but it's all very creative and ends up looking pretty sharp.

I'm off for today's outing - talk to you all later. :)


Josje said...

Lovely pictures! I was last in Nice 44 years ago, but I remember it well ;-)
It looks like we'll be meeting eachother in a few weeks Mary Lynne!

Christopher said...

I love your last fence shot! Very nice, with the cut out design, and the shadows it casts.

Mary Lynne said...

Hi Josje - yes, it sounds like I'm going to be meeting FOUR petitpointers and I'm really looking forward to it.

And thanks for the nice comment, Chris (who is only an amateur photographer because he hasn't yet sold through a gallery) :)

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