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June 07, 2012

A miniature show in Rheda, Germany

 Well, obviously I made it back home in one piece but here it is Thursday morning and I still haven't reported on Sunday's trip to Rheda, Germany and the miniature show nor shared the bits and pieces I bought at the miniature show.

Poor Elly!  Sunday morning dawned with rain - a fairly light drizzle as I walked from the hotel to Elly's apartment.  But, once we got on the road, it developed into pretty much of a downpour and stayed that way all the way to Rheda - a three-hour trip of uncomfortable driving.  But she got us there safe and sound and once we were inside and warmed up, being the avid miniaturists we are, what did we care about the weather?!

We split up, agreeing that we would meet around 1:00 for lunch.  The show had one smaller room with only artisans and then a quite a bit larger room with mostly retail vendors but still a goodly number of artisans mixed in.  And, of course, the artisans were, for the most part, ones whose work I'd never seen before so, for me, it was a real delight.  Plus which, aside from the IGMA show Chris and I went to last fall in New York, it's been a long time since I've been to a big show - not since I moved into my apartment and that was 6 years ago or more.  

When I visit a show, I always try to go through the entire show once without buying anything and mark things in my program to go back and investigate further and that's pretty much what I did this time too.  Can't remember if I actually purchased anything before lunch or not.  But having arrived around 11 or 11:30, it wasn't long before it was time to meet up with the others and I was ready - I was hungry!
From left to right we have Elly, Winnie (another member of the on-line petitpointers group who joined us at the show), Josje, Elga and myself.  Winnie's husband took pictures with each of our cameras and we chose this (my camera) as the best one.  But I think we missed seeing the one he took with Elly's camera cause she doesn't look like she's dozing in that one!  She wasn't dozing by the way...although could anyone blame her if she had been?!

And while I'm with the group, here is a picture of the little gifties I received which I'm just very delighted with. :)

The little painted candlebox is from Elga - she first started out making painted furniture and little pieces like this before she moved on to the truly stunning wood furniture she is making now.  She also crocheted the two little potholders.  The glass jar is from Elly and she told us that it is an egg jar for keeping your eggs on the counter.  And I'm pretty sure I have some tiny eggs somewhere in my stash.  The tatted doily (which does lay flat - I just couldn't get it to for the picture) was made by Winnie who had brought some other tatted pieces for show and tell, including two beautiful miniature lace collars and little, tiny lace caps of the type worn with traditional Dutch dress that just fit on the tip of her forefinger.

So, whenever I started actually shopping, here are my purchases.  I was surprised when we got back to Elly's apartment (Elly, Elga, Josje and myself) at how little I had actually purchased.  I think I was so happy to be at a big show again, that I didn't have to buy lots of things to make it a "good show" plus which I had all my little gifts to take home with me. :)

This is a complete desk set that I bought for January's library roombox.  You can see the black lead tips on the pencils and when you look at the bottom of them, there's the little stick of lead showing.  And the notes in the note cube don't fall out, but as the vendor demonstrated, they're loose at the front where you would stick your mini thumb in to pull one out.  I'm real pleased with the colors because of the dark green wallpaper in the room and the colors of the petitpoint rug I stitched for it.  This set was created by Dominique Roche from France.
And since I'm actually in the process of making January's roombox (after all these years), I figured it won't be too long, hopefully, before I start trying to put together the things I've collected for a miniature scene for Chris so I bought these bits with that scene in mind.  Chris is very much a collector himself - has about as much art-type glass as his apartment can hold, ditto wall art, and bronze and wood art.  He "just happened" to end up with a collection of pear art, so when I saw one of these turned wood ones, I asked the man if he had any more.  He didn't but told me he would turn two more of them for me.  So we selected the colors, I took off for more shopping, came back around 4:30 and there they were!  I believe his business is Vonas Miniaturen (thanks Elly!).   The delightful glass bowl is glass but has been painted with copper paint and then given the verdigris finish.  The same gentleman also made the cane which I had to get because years and years ago I bought a handblown or handmade glass cane from a well-known Italian glassblower who had been with Pilgrim glass forever.  When I moved, I gave the cane to Chris and he has it hanging on the wall in his entrance hall.  I wish I had been able to get one in red and white, but they didn't have any with them so I got this one and it will do very well.  Again, thanks to Elly, I can tell you the artist is Leo Reijders.
I bought this from a stand which sold foundation pieced quilts (the kind I make) and think I can find a place for it in my fabric store.  The woman at this stand gave me some helpful tips for getting quilts to hold a shape on the bed.

These last two are my "treasures" but unlike most of my other treasures I've purchased over the years, these were the least expensive things I bought at the show and I love them.  Just wish I could get a decent picture of them.  Imagine them on white cardstock and done with a very sharp lead pencil so a grey tone rather than sepia.  They are absolutely lovely and I can't wait to get them home and decide just how I'm going to use them.  And I love that the one has a windmill in the scene.  He had one other one this size and why I didn't buy it also I'll never know.  But I have these two so I won't complain.  I'm thinking that with at least one of them, I may have it matted and framed in maybe a 4 x 4 frame or so - nothing too heavy or ornate and then display it on a small easel.  The gentleman who drew these is Joachim Kuhner.

We didn't leave until they were practically pushing us out the door.  The drive home was somewhat better - no pouring rain but still some occasionally and lots of spray from other cars.  But we made it and then came the fun of show and tell at Elly's apartment.  That's one of my favorite things about going to a show with friends - seeing what everyone else bought.  And in this case, everyone had made some really lovely choices.

Still battling the blasted cold and needing to be ready to leave for the airport in plenty of time to allow for getting lost, etc., I went back to the hotel, did my evening packing, and once again crawled into my cozy bed (it was COLD in Amsterdam) and went to sleep.


January said...

I'm so glad the show was such a success, but I'm even *more* glad that you're home safely :) xoxo

Christopher said...

Being able to see all the gifties and treasures up close, I can attest to how wonderful they are---and yes, I do think you should track down the pencil artist, and just sign up for a subscription service---have him send you 1 sketch every month or so ;) Those 2 pieces are delightful and beautiful!
Welcome home, mom! Sure glad you had a good trip (despite the cold) and made it there and back again, safe and sound!

Jamie said...

What fun to get to meet your friends and have such a goOd visit at the show. You guys lOoked really tired. I think too much fun for one day. Love the treasures. The desk set is adorable and the pears and case gorgeous. So glad you are safely home. Hope the cold is better. See you soon

elly in amsterdam said...

January and Chris, it was a delight to meet Mary Lynne , and you bet I made sure to get to the show and back in one piece :-) (even if I drive a bit speeeeeedy from time to time, I am really a safe driver) .
Still, I am also happy to see you are " back in town" again , Mary Lynne !


Chinch said...

I love your treasures -- every single one and agree with Chris that you should set up a subscription with the pencil artist and then the ones you weren't wild about, you could pass onto your family (think sister) and friends. My other big favorite is the quilting equipment and looking back to see if I missed anything -- yes I did, the desk set for January is just beautiful and awesome to think someone could make something that small and perfect. Glad to have you back. xoxo

rosanna said...

Hi Mary LInne, welcome back home by now.
I am so happy for you that you managed to know minifriends. ext time make sure to arrive in Genoa :o)) lovely buyings and great memories.
Minihugs, Rosanna

Mary Lynne said...

Thanks, Rosanna! You have given me a nice invitation several times now and, believe me, if and when I come to Italy again (and I certainly hope to!), I will be knocking on your door. :)

Sandra from Sydney said...

Mary Lynne, what a wonderful trip. How lovely to meet up with some pals from Petitpointers and blogger - it is always great to meet people we 'know' from cyberspace in the flesh. Your buys are very special, and I too love the sketches and also the glass bowl done with the verdigris effect. Any hope of seeing you here down under?

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