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October 08, 2012

Our second parade in 3 days!

The first one was Saturday and I think was Marshall University's homecoming parade although who knows for sure?  Huntington likes parades!

Tonight was the Columbus Day parade which consists mostly of fire engines going slowly by with their sirens wailing. I've been curbside in the past a time or two (my daughters were both in the high school band) and now that I don't have to be, I just watch some of it from my windows. Much easier on the eardrums!

I took a couple of pictures of folks starting to line the sidewalks waiting for the parade to start and have one relatively successful video just to let you get an idea of the ear-blastingness - I am so far unable to really figure out how to edit videos.

That's from my ninth floor apartment with the window open.  Can you imagine being down there on the sidewalk???  And here's something interesting - I don't know that I ever realized how quickly it gets dark as autumn sets in.  I always realized it starts getting dark earlier but this video points out to me what I've been noticing - there's no long sunset period now.  It's light and then it pretty much just gets dark.  The pictures were taken I would say at most maybe 45 minutes before the video...

Had a nice afternoon doing nothing. Had to get a special glue for January's roombox so went yet again out to the mall, then went to Kohl's and brought the same skirt home in 3 different colors to see if I had any tops that would match any of them. So many of my friends seem to be able to see something in a store and say "oh, that would be perfect with my ...." and they turn out to be right! I can't even think of what's in my closet let alone what it might go with that's in the store.

Also did a grocery shopping at the extra big Kroger's store out near the mall and got two nifty new cheeses and a loaf of Moroccan olive bread and I think that will be tonight's dinner with a glass of wine.  (P.S. - it was and oh, boy was it good!)

Before I did all that I finally put the finishing touches to the outside of the roombox so now I need to get back to the inside work which will mainly be filling the two bookcases with books and objets after I figure out for sure how I want to secure them all.


Christopher said...

Wow... it sounds like a New Year's Eve celebration... and yes, so loud from 9th floor, how did you ever stand it on the street??

Chinch said...

I don't have the sound up very high on my computer and it was still LOUD!! Wonder if everyone in the fire department has hearing loss. And how did the skirts work out?

Marlene said...

I wish you'd taken a picture of your skirts, Mary Lynne, and said which one you chose. I have the same problem in remembering what I have in my closet, too! Marlene

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