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January 13, 2013

The Ohio River shrouded in fog

Yesterday was a fairly dismal, grey, wet day - perfect day for staying in which I mostly did.  But I finally decided I'd go pick up some fig cheese at the cheese and wine/beer shop and get some bread from the bakery.  Not the best day for walking but...

I discovered the bakery was closed - I never can remember that they close at 3 on Saturdays!  So I figured I'd walk over to Starbucks for my little treat.  On the way I looked down towards the river and it was covered with fog.  I've seen that on lots of mornings - I'll look out the windows and there's just this big white "roll" of fog going down the river.  But this was almost 4:00 p.m.!  So I decided I'd go down for a better view.  I do love that river. :)

It was quite mysterious and eerie and so I had to take pictures which I now have to share.  Taking pictures of fog is probably a kind of hopeless task, but if you've seen some of my many other pictures of the river and the riverfront park, you'll have a good idea of how thick this fog was.  Anyway, here they are.

Entering the park - the river is, of course, between the row of trees and the hills on the other side and the fog is higher than the steep banks on both sides.
Even as close as I was to the planter in the back left, it's already somewhat shrouded from view.
If you look real hard, or maybe if your monitor is better than mine, you will see a very faint view of the 6th St. bridge going over into Ohio. 
And a few minutes later when I took this one, it's gone from view - at least on my old monitor.
This last one I took just to show the difference between close and distant.  This was pointing down in front of me, and going out away from me.

And I guess I'd have to say, in addition to loving the river, I also really enjoy weather.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and if you'd like to see what this pretty park looks like on a pretty day, you could try a label search using Ohio River (although you'd get snowy pictures, flooding pictures, etc.)


Christopher said...

Oh how neat! We had a super foggy weekend here, and it didn't even dawn on me to go photograph something in it... tsk tsk... I blame it on my winter hibernation mode...

Chinch said...

Great pics!! I take pictures of the fog from our windows and have one or two that capture what I think I'm seeing but most often they're very ho-hum as in "guess you had to be there" but yours really capture the sense of it all and my monitor is like yours -- I can see the bridge in the first but not in the second. Fig cheese sure sounds good. :)

Karen said...

Love these photos!!! WInter fog always want me to walk through it, then go inside for a big mug of hot tea. The little sweet gum balls hanging from the trees are much prettier than the thousands that litter my yard from our city's largest sweet gum tree next door.

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