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February 17, 2014


I've posted these pictures here because I found a site on line where you can ask "'what is this" about something you want to know more about.  This is a painting I bought quite a few years ago and have always loved but I would love it even more if I knew what it is portraying.  Those pointy structures with the tall poles coming out of them especially puzzle me.  I've wondered if this is some type of syrup making process . The people in the painting have I think slightly foreign features.  The blue is glare from the glass over the painting.  I would be thrilled to get any information about this painting.  Hopefully I'll get lucky with this site I've found or maybe a reader here will be able to tell me something about it.


Christopher said...

I never noticed those 2 structures in the back with tree/poles coming out the top (and what looks like red pots upended on them.)
Good luck with the "what is it" site...!

rosanna said...

Could they be lamps on top of roofs?
They look lke they were stuck in the snow on top of the houses.
Have fun with your quest :o)
Bext wishes

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