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October 10, 2014

Back in "my" Florence!

And how good it feels! I have yet to figure out why I love this city so much but I do and it was wonderful today wandering through some of it on a truly beautiful day. Unfortunately it sounds like it may have been the last truly beautiful day, but one takes what one gets. We're staying at a hotel that is literally caddy-corner from the hotel I stayed in the last time I was here so I have a nice being in my neighborhood feeling about it. The same cafe/sandwich/bar type place where I had breakfast each morning is still there and we had a delicious sandwich there today before we set out. And when we did set out, we followed the street that ends forcing you to turn right or left and you turn left and there is the Duomo and Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in all its magnificence. Takes my breath away every time. Chris was ahead of me and I heard an "Oh, my gosh!" from him.

After lots of picture taking by Chris, including the one above that I asked him to take for my blog cause I didn't even take my camera on our outing, we strolled down Via de Calzaiuoli, looking into shops, Chris taking pics of various doors, ironwork, etc., that caught his eye with a goal of getting some gelato at Perche' No, a gelato store that on my last trip, my hotel lady recommended to me.  Recently I was really tickled to see it in the number 4 spot on a list of 10 best gelatos in Florence.  It's right across the street from Orsanmichele (where I took a picture of every single statue on my last trip.  Chris took some and I don't know if he will go back to take them all or not.  We also went in and where last time I had to sneak a photo of their stunning altar, this year, the state museums all allow photos without flash so he took the one below for me.  This is the top of the canopy over the altar which is what I wanted because I liked the almost hidden dome and the gold wing of the angel.

We had our gelato, I checked to see if my hole-in-the wall place was still around and it was with, as usual a huge crowd around it so we'll be heading there a couple of times for their great 3E sandwiches and a little glass of carry-out wine.

Finally meandered our way back to the hotel where I finally got myself unpacked (I refused to unpack my huge, unwieldy suitcase for one brief night in Milan!), took a wonderful shower and put on clean clothes.  I feel like a new person.  By the time we were through fooling with everything here, it was a decent hour for a light dinner.  We went to a restaurant where I ate a couple of times last trip and had a nice leisurely time with half a bottle of chianti, crostini which came with different toppings including fresh porcini mushrooms sauteed in some olive oil (delicioso!), a plate of various cheeses with some vin Santo wine jelly and fresh strawberries with thinned or whipped or something-ed marscopone cheese drizzled over them and then sprinkled with chocolate dust.  Mmmmmmm......... a perfect first day!

Rain is forecast pretty much every day off and on, so we have agreed to just deal with it as best we can.  It's a shame for Chris especially being his first visit because Florence is such a wonderful town to wander in.  But we will wander as much as possible.

Most of my posts while with Chris won't be as full of pictures (and talk!) as normal probably cause I'm just enjoying so much having someone to share the pleasure with.

So I will say buona serra for now and check in with you again tomorrow.


Diane Adams said...

Awesome pics. BTW just so you know the Travel emails show up about a day or so after you put things on the blog.

Mary Lynne said...

Thanks di. Chris told me he got his after a day or so and that's why I sent out an email last night suggesting that anyone who subscribed may want to unsubscribe rather than have huge reports come Ming in to your inbox.

January said...

A shower and gelato can work miracles! Glad you're both having such a good time xox

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