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October 13, 2014

Have you decided on a cemetery yet?

Cause this one is a doozy and I saw a few dates in the 1990's so it's apparently still be added to.  Also saw at least one grave of an American...

Anyway, it was just utterly fantastic - mausoleums like mini castles crammed up against each other, statuary - very large and smaller, along with large areas of graves for the not so wealthy.  Lots of old, tall, beautiful cypress trees and other plantings (where there was room!) and the paths were covered with needles and such that had fallen from the trees so they were very quiet and pleasant to walk on.

I won't make you look at every picture I took but I'm just going to post them as they come and if I see something I want to comment on, I'll jump in and comment.

For the richer...
 And, for the poorer (although not that poor!)
 This is Edina Minetti - and kids, I think probably something like this for me would work...

A lovely building below - with the lower income folks gathered around...
And just another shot of the same building on the sunny side crammed in with several other very wealthy folks
Chris and I both liked the ironwork so I took my picture of him taking his picture.
 This statue was prettier from the side than from the front, I thought.
This was probably the most grandiloquent.

A very unusual rendition of the crucifixion but very compelling,
 No, that's not a German half-timbered house in the background.  That's a huge mausoleum with many, many occupants serving as a backdrop to two statues that appealed to me.  A rather saucy gentleman and a little girl running towards an angel.
 I decided this was the lane of important men - 6 busts in a row.
 And here we are in another nice area for more ordinary folk.
 And after we finally finished wandering through the vast cemetery, we came back around front and Chris took this panorama shot on my phone to show me how it works.  And it's easy!  Of course things come out curved, but it's still pretty neat.

So, folks, I hope you've enjoyed my tour of this beautiful, so very peaceful resting place as much as I enjoyed discovering it and wandering among its many paths.


Diane Adams said...

So awesome! Gorgeous pics. So glad you are being able to do this with your son.

January said...

OH WOW. That is something else! I'm glad Chris asked around about how to get to it so you could see it and share it with us. It looks like a place where it would be quite easy to rest in peace.

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