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November 11, 2014

A new recipe for butternut squash soup

Well, it's new to the blog. I've been making it the last winter or two and really like it and I can't believe I never put it on my blog - looked it up on the blog and it wasn't there. Never had butternut squash soup, actually. I had tasted some of my son's one time at a restaurant and thought "hmmm..that's pretty good" but recipes I saw seemed, like so many recipes, to use a ton of ingredients, some of which I wouldn't be able to find, etc. So, when I got one of the periodic bunch of coupons and recipes that my store sends out and there was a recipe that was very simple and good sounding I tried it and have stayed with it. If you'd like to try it, just use the "recipes" tab at the top of the page and it will be the first recipe under "soups and sandwiches". If you do try it and like it, or make what you think is a good change or addition, I'd love to hear about it.

My first week home was so nice because for one thing I made my pot roast and it was a really good one - some are better than others (although they're all good) and this was one of the better ones.  Then I had my pot roast hash and a couple of nights ago, I made my big batch of chili.

And I got to see and visit with pretty much everyone.  Had lunch with Jamie, went to Charleston with Peggy, had take-out from Huntington's new food truck "Chickpeas" and then went to see a professional dance event at the Keith Albee, with Sandy, had a visit with my "Starbucks" friend, Shelley, and a couple of nice phone calls, so really felt I was welcomed back home.

Condo woes unfortunately started up on Friday night when water started pouring into the 12th floor hallway and I learned that the same thing had happened while I was gone.  And then yesterday morning, the entire building lost its water because of a very bad leak in the ancient basement.  It has not been a real good couple of days for sure, but hopefully, it will be fixed sometime tonight (they've been working on it today) and life can return to normal for a bit.  Well, maybe not normal - normal seems to be problems popping up all the time!

Anyway, I'm going to make my soup tonight I think.  Or maybe tomorrow night - we're supposed to get quite a cold snap starting tomorrow.

Bon appetit all!


Christopher said...

Mmmm... I do love me some butternut squash soup -- but have never attempted any soups from scratch (except our beloved Cabbage Soup!) Might have to give this a try...

January said...

I like it too, as long as it's *really* pureed smooth. And with cinnamon-sugar croutons!

Mary Lynne said...

Ooh...cinnamon sugar croutons. I never would have thought of that and I just bought a jar of cinnamon sugar AND a fresh loaf of bread. And I forgot to say in the recipe that I use my stick blender which does a great job as would your food processor.

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