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January 21, 2015

Can't believe I haven't posted about this before!

If you've read my posts about my trip to Italy this past October, you may remember I was supposed to meet up with a woman in Genoa with whom I've corresponded by e-mail for several years.  I was unable to meet her because Genoa suffered terrible flooding just a day or two before I was to take the train from Florence to Genoa.   The reason we were going to meet up is that back in August I happened to visit her blog just after she posted a picture of a needlework piece she had just finished and it was an exact replica of a cross stitch picture that hung in my childhood home!  My aunt had stitched it as a present for my mom.

To visit her blog and see her finished petitpoint version, click HERE
I sent her a copy of an old photo I had from when my sister and I were teenagers and we are sitting on the couch with some guests with my aunt's cross stitch on the wall above.  She posted that picture on her blog also and you can see that HERE.. Kind of amazing,, right?  And if you want to see some beautiful miniature work, you should spend some time on her blog - her "Casa Rossa" is truly beautiful.

Anyway, I was going to take her some small count gauze I had as a little treat and carried it all around Italy with me after we couldn't meet up.  When I got back I mailed the gauze to her and put in a couple of little mini bits and pieces as a thank you because she had agreed to let me have my Palermo hotel mail my earrings (which I left behind!)  to her address and she would mail them to me thereby saving me a pile of money (that's another whole story that I probably didn't post about).

So she received my package to her and when she mailed the earrings to me (I had her send them to Chris's address and they got there a few days before I did), she had included the chart for the floral petitpoint and a finished, delightfully dear petitpoint tea cozy that she had stitched on some miniscule count of gauze.

Finally, today, I saw the little baggie still sitting on my dresser and decided I would find a place to put the tea cozy and I found what I think is a pretty perfect spot so here is a picture of it in the upstairs apartment of my fabric store (there are pictures of the whole store on my miniatures page).

Isn't that just too sweet?  I love it!  The picture looks fuzzier than I expected but I had to use my phone so I could fit it into the room to get close and I just don't get very good pictures with phones I've decided.

Anyway, I am just delighted with it and delighted that even though I haven't met her, I know such a nice lady in Italy.  Next time I go, we'll get together one way or another.  And, Rosanna, if you happen to read this post, thank you again for your "treats" you sent and for going to the trouble to get my earrings to me.  Every time I put a pair on, I'm happy all over again that they got here safely.

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