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October 26, 2015

Not much to report on this travel day

The morning started out well with a really delicious chocolate croissant and a  wonderfully "bracing" hot tea.  From there it became progressively awful.  I decided to walk to the train station with my 300 pounds of luggage (at least that's what it feels like) and did all right till I got to all the rubber bump slanted sidewalk-to-street things that my suitcase simply refuses to handle.  From then on my entire day except for when I was actually on the train and then actually on the plane was battling with my suitcase, tote bag and very slippery new jacket that will most likely be a rag by the time I get home.  When I finally arrived in Madrid, I about had a breakdown because I was exhausted, I had no idea what terminal Chris and Heather would be arriving in, I couldn't reach either of them by text or phone and I couldn't get on line to see the chart that showed all our travel arrangements (like what time we would all arrive in Barcelona and flight numbers and such).

Finally saw a booth that said free Wi-Fi and went to see what that was about and for 8E I could rent a little thing for 24 hours and get on line anywhere.  I said well, maybe I should do that and explained that I just needed to get on line to see when my son and daughter would be arriving and where.  Bless his heart, he told me that if I stayed within 10 meters of the booth he would give me the password and I could get on so that's what I did and after I found all the information and went and looked at the arrival board and saw that they would both be arriving shortly right to the terminal I was in, I felt much better.

Heather got in first and we waited together for Chris.  Hired a cab to take us to our apartment because by now, the thought of getting all our luggage onto a bus or train and then getting it to the apartment was more than I could bear.

Reached our apartment and spent some time checking it all out and then went out for a dinner recommended by the owner of the apt.  It was a tapas place and oh my goodness - it truly put my Madrid tapas experiences in the shade.  Everything we had was wonderful and I suggested that we sample some cava wine - Spain's sparkling wine - and it also was delicious.  We had such a nice evening - much laughter, much talk and sitting!!!  I suggested a selfie so I could post it but they were not keen on the idea.  Suffice it to say it would have been a happy picture.

So that's it for today - I have made various and sundry grand resolutions during this awful day about any future travels and hope that I will stick with them and not get myself into anymore trips with so much travel involved.  And even though it's only been used for a couple of trips, my "wonderful" world's lightest suitcase (and it is) is going into the trash when I get home.  I refuse to ever battle with it again because I think next time it would win.

Tomorrow we think we will allow ourselves a leisurely start to the day and maybe do a city bus tour to get a little bit of an idea of the lay of the land.  I'm not eager to tackle any big sightseeing thing but Chris may decide to take off for some photography time.  We shall see...

Buenos noches!

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