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April 18, 2016

Last Fort Wayne post (coming from Huntington)

Good grief!  Here I am home, it's Monday morning, and I just realized I hadn't included a report on our visit to Wine Down, the restaurant I mentioned on my last post.

We did go there on Wednesday night and it is certainly a neat place.  We ordered I think 5 small plates (one of which was dessert - an apple "crostini" with plenty of cinnamon, a delicious caramel-y syrup, and little balls of vanilla ice cream).  It was all delicious.  My favorites were the first two things we ordered - a silky, creamy, absolutely delicious spring mushroom soup (made with fresh morels) and a dark and fairly intense olive tapenade served with nice little crostini.  The other two dishes - mahi mahi tacos and pork bar-b-q wontons were good but I would have liked a little something added to make them juicier.  They are very creative in the kitchen - both the wonton and the "taco" were served in a wonton wrapper folded over and fried so it was very thin and crispy.

The "card account" system of wine tasting was fun but unless you're a mathematical wizard who can keep close track of figures in your head, it is very, very easy to rack up quite a bill for not too much wine.  They have I think around 40 bottles of different wines set up to a system where you choose the wine you want to try, insert the "credit card" they give you to unlock the dispenser, select the amount of wine you want (1 oz., 1-1/2 oz, or 4 oz I think are the sizes) and press the button.  Out comes that amount and there you are.  It was quite fun, but I have to say, I was stunned when I saw the cost.  But, I would very happily go back again because the food really was wonderful and I would know to try, at most, maybe two wines at the 1 oz. size, then select one of them for a glass of wine.

Then Thursday, my last day there, I don't remember what I did besides have lunch with January.  She took me on a tour of the new and beautiful law library where she is working.  They have an art collection that is wonderful!  It's like being in a small art museum...  I, of course, forgot to take any pictures and realized I hadn't taken any of Maggie's place of work when I was there either so I found pictures of both on line.

This is the Civic Theatre where Maggie works as Costume Shop Supervisor/Costume Designer. It's an attractive building and is right next to the Art Museum so the two together with the landscaping is quite a nice setting.  I love that the front of the theater is a face!  And HERE is a link to an interactive street view of the entire campus which is kind of fun to play around with.

And January is the Circulation Manager at the Indiana Tech Law School.  Indiana Tech has been around for a long time, but the law school is just 4 years old - they have their first graduation ceremony this year.

So that was that.  Friday morning I drove January to work and took off for Huntington.  It was a much better trip than my one up from Maysville!  Beautiful weather, and Siri only misdirected me once that I recall.  I got home nice and early and have to admit to having a kind of lonely feeling evening.  I had become accustomed to two people to talk to and three cats, two of whom are quite entertaining.  I'm looking forward to my next trip when it won't be so chilly and I can do a lot more exploring.

Oh, and for our last dinner, we went back to the Coney hot dog place and I got extra sauce like I said I would and that sauce is good!  Then since it was still kind of early we went to a bar that was really busy and noisy and everyone having a good time.  I felt so with it. :)

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