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November 11, 2016

Having fun with little pizzas

and thinking maybe I should open a pizza-for-one parlor!  Not really, but since I made that first eggplant one, I've made three more that I remember - probably so far that's it.  But I've enjoyed each one and so far, no matter what I put on them, they are very tasty.  I took pictures of two of them:

First is a chili pizza!  I had made my chili and decided rather than just keep eating bowl after bowl, I'd (for some strange reason) try using it for a pizza.  Baked it on naan bread like the others and it was really good!  I also some onion and red & green peppers and sprinkled them around. (I might have some minced garlic in there too - can't remember).  Then I used grated cheddar for the topping, popped it in my toaster oven for 8 minutes and was really delighted with the result.  I think I was so tickled with it when I took it out of the oven I didn't remember to take another picture to show it finished.

I also think one reason I'm finding these so tasty is because of the bread.  It's just the right thickness and when it gets brown and crusty it has such a good toasty flavor - very different from a standard pizza crust but very tasty.

So, this next one didn't turn out too great because I used a regular sized tomato and cut the slices too thick.  I had meant for them to kind of shrivel up a little like they do when they're baked but the pizza doesn't bake long enough to give the thick slices time to do that.  However, I liked the flavor mix so I made another one later and used my Campari tomatoes - they're smaller than a regular tomato but bigger than a cherry tomato.  And I managed to get them sliced more thinly.

The picture on the left always makes me think I'm looking at fish for some reason.  I spread a couple teaspoons of crushed tomatoes on the bread, then added some of the sautéed onion/pepper mix and finished off with some Feta cheese.  It was tasty but ugly and very difficult to eat with those great slabs of tomato.  Wish I had taken a picture of the second one I made which was delicious!

So I think these little pizzas will be something I go to fairly regularly.  I was thinking since I'm using naan bread I should probably try a curry one sometime.  I'll ponder that for a bit.

Meanwhile, I tried another recipe a week or two before all this pizza baking.  It was from the Food & Wine cookbook and so was a recipe to serve four.  I cut it down either to a half or quarter.  It was Polenta with Eggplant, Onion and Tomato and was also very good although I think it would be just about as good and easier to just serve it on pasta.  I love polenta but it takes quite a while to get cooked and requires not necessarily constant stirring but frequent stirring.  

Here's the cooking part and below is the eating part. :)

And that's my cooking report.  I've also made a lentil recipe twice now - once with quite old lentils and when that wasn't wildly successful but was tasty I bought new lentils and made it again.  I'm going to be posting that one in My Recipes and will probably also add these pizza ideas to the pizza "recipe" I've already posted.  If anyone ever tries this idea (and you could always use those packaged individual pizza crusts although I prefer the naan) and comes up with other combinations, I would love to hear about them and post them.

Bon appetit!

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