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November 20, 2017

And we’re off!!!

We left Chris’s apartment right around seven this morning to catch the Amtrak to Newark international airport where we’ll be arriving in about half an hour. Then we wait about FIVE hours for our flight to Venice via Paris (the airport I swore I would never fly into again). If every thing is on time, we’ll leave Paris about an hour and a half later on the flight to Venice arriving there about 5:15 a.m. our time (11:15 a.m. their time).

And already two pictures!  This first one was taken outside the Amtrak station in Alexandria and is the George Washington National Masonic Memorial. A beautiful building in a beautiful setting on a beautiful morning :)

and once we got on the train Chris took a "selfie" and, as usual, I was okay with the outcome.  The only time I'm okay with a photo of me is when I'm with all or at least one of my children.

I had to wait to get these photos uploaded until we got to the Newark airport where we are now sitting (having finally had something to eat) and will be boarding in about 2 hours.

Stay tuned...

And P.S. - this post has been thoroughly vetted and ok'd by my son, Chris. (tee hehe)

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