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December 01, 2008

My Own Potato Soup

I made this for the first time when I didn't have some of the ingredients called for in the various recipes I looked at so just decided to use what I had on hand and see what happened.  What happened was that it was delicious (I think) and probably not as fattening as a lot of the recipes and/or restaurant potato soups are.  So, here's what I did the first time (I've made it several times since and probably did bits differently each time).

I used a medium (maybe a small medium) and a small potato.  Peeled and cubed them, then boiled in enough chicken broth to cover.  I added a little salt, some dried minced onion, pepper...cooked til they were tender.

Meanwhile, I melted about 1-1/2T butter added in about 1-1/2T flour to make a roux.  I took out probably a little more than half the potato cubes, then pureed the rest in the chicken broth.  Mixed that into the roux and it took a LOT of additional water (along with probably about 1 to 2T cream).  Put potatoes back in, cooked some more, added a squirt of mustard, smoked paprika, dried parsley, and finally some grated cheddar cheese and a small amount of bacon bits or one time I had just a slice of leftover sandwich ham, snitzled that up and sizzled it a little in the butter I melted for the roux, took it out before I added the flour to the roux, and then sprinkled it on top of the soup after I ladled it into my bowl..

Since then, I've probably cut back the roux to 1T butter and flour and increased the potatoes to probably 4 mediums.  Oh, and I use the redskin potatoes for this - not the baby new ones but just regular redskin potatoes.

I think one time I added a little grated carrot and next time I'm going to cook a bit of cauliflower in with the potatoes.

This is definitely a recipe to play with and so far whatever way I've played with it has been mmm,mmm GOOD!  And with the increase in the amount of potatoes it makes enough for two bowls.  I cannot lie - one time I made it I ate all of it in one night.  One bowl for dinner and the rest later on that evening! :)

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