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December 15, 2009

Speaking of Half Scale, Here's My Half Scale House!

In response to my last post showing the meager progress on my kitchen, I've received several positive responses which is nice.  One lady whom I've never met but we've been e-mailing back and forth for a while now, wrote:  "Wish you would take some pictures of your half scale house. Would love to see it.  LOVE the beams in the kitchen. Jean"  and that inspired me to take some new photos of that house.  I've had some on my website for a long time but they were taken with my old camera, the house wasn't landscaped yet, etc., etc.  So, now I've taken a new set which still aren't the greatest - I think there's a "depth of field" issue that probably my son (with his incredible photo-taking talent) could tell me about, but they're better than what's on my website (which I haven't updated since 2006!!).

Kind of a funny angle but I wanted to show the landscaping mainly because I am NOT a landscaper, so I was pleased with the results on this attempt.  I DO wish I had put a window in that bathroom wall.  This house was an old Houseworks kit, but I built and added the kitchen/bath addition and not putting a window there has bugged me ever since.  I like looking through the bay window (which is scratch built) into the cozy kitchen.

Here's the entire interior (except for the attic which is finished but has nothing in it).  I kitbashed the staircase cause I wanted that landing.  The picture over the mantle is one I cross stitched.  The sofa and chair are two of my prized posessions - bought them at the Tom Bishop Chicago show.

Here we have the dining room and the little girl's room.  Seeing these pictures sure makes me realize I need to do a little more finishing - very bare walls.  I guess I just need to start going to miniature shows again - gee, what a shame! :)  The valances in the girl's room I made using cutouts from the wallpaper border.  All the other valances I made from cardstock using those decorative edging scissors and painting them.

This is the master bedroom.  Sure would be nice if the maid would make the bed!  I keep thinking I'll make some really special coverlet for it but that hasn't happened yet.  The desk in the back of the room is a Lydia Pickett kit from Robin Betterley.  The picture of the staircase shows the mural I put on the wall - that was to cover a mistake that I can't remember now.

I'm going to keep working on the kitchen scene, but posting these pictures has given me the itch to do a little more to this house too - we'll see how long that lasts!


Christopher said...

This really is just a beautiful house... glad you kept this for yourself (as opposed to the ones you built for others, or later sold.) It, and the Fabric Fabric Store are just wonderful creations... you do excellent work!
The photos aren't bad at all--love the one of the entire back, all the rooms lit. Next time we're together, we'll revisit your new camera, now that you've had lots more shooting experience on it.
You'll need to take a photo or two, with some recognizable, smallish real-world object (a quarter, a battery, etc.) in the rooms... for scale---I was showing it to a coworker who was unfamiliar with 1/2" scale in dollhouses, but just bought his daughter a dollhouse for Christmas.

Mary Lynne said...

Hi Chris - thanks for the nice remarks. I've always loved this little house and The (Fabric) Fabric Store too. Did you see the pics of the little ceramic village in the Fabric Store? Falling off the chest? (although they haven't gone over the edge yet!). Thanks for your contribution to that. I'm seriously thinking next year's trip may consist of a trip to Chicago for that three shows in one weekend weekend. I could maybe buy another little building or two and a few little 1/2" scale bits and pieces...

See you soon!!

Sandra from Sydney said...

What a gorgeous house! You have inspired me Mary Lynne. I have a kit for a terrace that I haven't made up, but now I feel a strong urge to add to it and turn it into something beautiful too. You have done such a great job of building, decorating and accessorising it as well as landscaping - everything is lovely. Now where can I see your Fabric Store?

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