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January 28, 2010

The Mighty Ohio Gets Mightier...

Don't know why after another beautiful sunshine-y day, I thought I'd check the river again.  I was sure it would have started to go down, but thought "well, just in case it hasn't..."  And it hasn't - in fact it's higher today (Thursday) than yesterday.

I decided to see where the river comes from and discovered that it is formed by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers in Pittsburgh, PA.  So with the very heavy snows they got during the holidays, I'm thinking maybe this is why the river is so high now - if the weather up there has moderated, then the snow has all melted and here comes the water.  I also read that the Ohio River is the largest river to empty into the Mississippi River.  So maybe that's where "the mighty Ohio" comes from.

Anyway, here are today's pictures (they were taken with my phone camera but I think are pretty clear):

On the right is one of yesterday's pictures looking toward the stairway where the water was lapping at the top step.  Beyond the round flowerpots the grey you see is a cement walkway and then the little wall. 
On the left is a close-up of that area today. 

A nice place to sit and watch the barges in the summer.  Not so nice now...

And on the left is what's left of that handrail that started out as almost two full sections.


January said...

Your phone *does* take clear pictures! Sure looks sunny and nice there. It's FREEZING and gray and windy here...

Christopher said...

I second that; your iPhone's camera is noticeably better than mine! How fascinating to watch the river rise like this, with comparative shots. It does look like a pretty day, otherwise.
Cold, snow falling and accumulating (just a little) here... sounds like we dodged a big storm to the south!

Mary Lynne said...

I went out today (Saturday) after a goodly snow storm here to see if the river had, in fact, started down and was really surprised at how far down it had gone. I'll be posting pics of today's outing soon.

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