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January 30, 2010

A Snowy Saturday

Woke up to snow this morning (Saturday) and I still always find that kind of exciting.  It was really coming down and very windy.  I took a couple of pictures out the window - this one shows the view that would normally include the river, but enough snow was in the air to make the river invisible.  The space in between the red brick building and the tall mostly windows building is where the river is...

I spent most of the morning discovering that I had yet another virus but this time I was triumphant.  It took me a while, but apparently I have successfully removed it from my computer (for the time being - this virus thing is getting kind of ridiculous!)

Finally got myself sorted out and dressed and decided I had to get myself out in the snow.  So, what else, but walk down to the river and see how it was doing.  It was only about 20 degrees and still quite windy, but I managed not to freeze til I got actually to the river and took a few pictures.  I can't take pictures with gloves on, nor have I found a way to keep my hands in my pocket while taking pictures, and the wind was really pretty fierce at the river - the snow blowing in my face was like hundreds of tiny needles.  But I got my pictures and was really impressed with how far the water has receded.  My last pictures were taken  afternoon and not quite 48 hours later, this is how much it had gone down (again using the handrail as my "measuring stick").  As you can see, it's gone down considerably!

There were three young boys down there "playing" which mainly meant running into each other and falling over and rolling around in the snow.  Crazy!  And then they ended up leaving about the same time I did and were riding bikes!!

Nothing too much else to report today. I just finished a stint of working on my petitpoint after dinner and have finally moved past the place in the pattern that was giving me fits for some reason. I had stitched and ripped, stitched and ripped, til I was about ready to throw it out the window! So that's a good feeling. Now, I'm going to get all snug in my jammies and watch another segment or two of "The Tudors" and "DaVinci's Inquest" - both were TV series and I'm finding them both very enjoyable. "DaVinci's Inquest" particularly has become strangely addictive - not sure why...


Christopher said...

That really is an astonishing drop in the river level... hard to really imagine how all that water gathers, moves, and disperses...
I need to catch up on The Tudors---only ever watched Season 1!

January said...

We had lots of snow here - around 7", I think! Greg was working at the library yesterday until five and ended up spending the night at our place rather than driving to his place in VA, and that was fun.
Glad you haven't frozen solid yet!

Mary Lynne said...

I talked to Chris sometime Saturday morning-ish and I don't think he said anything about snow! Maybe he had a really "shut-in" weekend...

Ahem, glad to hear you're still alive...

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