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February 02, 2010

This 'n That

Just a quick post.  I got my taxes filed today finally and will be getting a little back from Uncle Sam which certainly beats paying him!  And, amazingly enough, I found a glitch in TurboTax's program.  They don't believe me, but they figured my state tax incorrectly.  When I saw the refund I was getting with their computations, it made me nervous, so I looked to see what they had done, found the difference between what I had done when I was doing a rough "draft", and went to our local state tax department to check and make sure my way was right.  It was and I've tried to find a way to communicate with TurboTax that they've got a problem there, but haven't been successful so far.  But...at least I know mine is right, although I'll have to mail it in rather than file on line cause I can't get their system to let me make the necessary change.

I decided a couple of days ago that I'm meat hungry so yesterday I bought a pork tenderloin and tonight made my apple/pork dish which I love and it was a good one.  Had it with a sweet potato this time which is probably a little healthier than with polenta.

I took a picture to put with the recipe and here it is:

And here's how it looked coming out of the oven:

Mm-mmm good!

And for all you DIY miniaturists out there, I finally took a picture today of a house I have always thought would be fun to make in miniature.  There's a gas station in town that I think that about too, but right now all I have is the picture of the house.  It's a run down old place, but must have been quite lovely in its day.  And it just looks like dollhouse material to me!

Now, I think if anyone decides to make this, they have to make one for me to!  Preferably in 1/2" scale. :)

And that's it for tonight - I'm full of good food, had a nice glass of wine with dinner so am nice and mellow, so it's loafing for me now.


Christopher said...

Seeing that picture kinda makes me meat hungry... Just been having chicken mostly, at dinner... looks delish!
And you're absolutely right---this sort of cries out to be made in miniature. Looks like it wouldn't be terribly hard to do, either...

January said...

It looks to me like you have a new dollhouse project Mama! :)

Mary Lynne said...

Chris - I think your aunt spoke for me in her comment on the next post! :) But, you know, I think I still have my little table saw I bought and hardly ever used even when I had a workshop. Maybe when the weather gets nice, you should come over here for a nice visit and we could take the saw up on the roof and cut out the house pieces. I think it would work pretty well, if it were open on the side rather than the back. I've even seen houses where they had them open on both sides so that they could be two rooms across....

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