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February 17, 2010

The Great Pretzel Mystery...

Just to show you how incredibly exciting my life has been lately (I mean - I can only take so many pictures of the snow!), I was munching on some pretzels last night while watching TV and pulled out this one and was so stunned by it, I couldn't eat it.  My first coherent thought after receiving such a visual shock was "I've got to take a picture of this for my blog!"  Weird, right?  But here it is...

Now, I had tried before I took the picture, to see if I could break the center out of a pretzel without breaking the pretzel and I couldn't.  So I was truly mystified by how it could happen just from rattling around in the bag.  In addition to which, isn't it kind of intriguing that it looks sort of like a heart and this was just two days after Valentine's Day?  Hmmmm....

After I took the picture, and picked up the pretzel again, I immediately saw the answer.  Can you?   First correct answer will win universal recognition by having their name posted on the blog! (tee hee...)


January said...

Well, it looks to me like it only had one inner "spoke" rather than the usual criss-cross. That would be a lot easier to break off, right?

It is pretty neat looking though. Your pretzels love you!

Christopher said...

It looks to me like it was a malformed pretzel from the start---that the lower left 'descender' never made a connection? So instead of an inverted Y shape in the middle, it was more like a curve from top center to lower right...

Mary Lynne said...

Well, January to you go the universal accolades. You were first!

Don't feel bad, Chris - yours has a very technically accurate sounding explanation.

But, probably my favorite response so far was an e-mail from Jean, a delightful lady I've become friendly with through the internet - she wrote:

It's quite obvious to me too. The pretzels had to be made by little elves who purposely broke the weakest link to form the heart....just for you. OR, aliens are secretly working in the pretzel mills sending subliminal messages of love.
Could be used for a frame for your mini needlework.

Jean - I think the aliens get my vote!!

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