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February 13, 2010

New Photos from My Snow-Bound Children and Me

 I was working, working, working at this post this morning when there came a tapping on my door.  Went to see what was up and here's what was waiting for me - a valentine from Heather, the poor snow-bound thing!  Aren't they absolutely, positively gorgeous!!???

And, now, after that very pleasant interruption, here's the rest of my post.

Not much verbiage today - just wanted to share some more photos from my kids after being hit with the second snowstorm on Wednesday, I think it was (or maybe Thursday). 

This first one shows that January finally got her car cleared off and dug out, but as she says, it was an exercise in futility because none of their roads in the complex had been cleared!As evidenced by this picture of the road (which is somewhere there in the center of the photo)!

and this is where a sidewalk is supposed to be...

Heather, in Elkridge, MD, ended up with 52" of snow after that second snowstorm!!!  (And, more is forecast for next week).  The photo on the left  is again of their back yard with the 6 foot privacy fence along the back... And the one on the right is looking from their front door across to the neighbor's house with its little bit of lamp post sticking up out of the snowbank.

Heather's husband after clearing the driveway.  Not sure exactly how tall he is but I'd say at least 5'10"...

And, then we come to Huntington, WV.  Where it continues to snow little bits here and there and now and then.  This was on Wednesday and since I seem compelled to get out in it when it's snowing I walked down to the river.  I wanted to try and have the snowfall show cause they were those big, fat flakes, but you just see a white dot here and there...  The picture on the left is at Pullman Square where the snow in the plaza was pretty much undisturbed - made me think the photo should be titled "waiting for summer".
 Last night (Friday), a friend and I finally tried out Huntington's newest restaurant, Huntington Prime.  We had quite a long wait cause the restaurant is small and so far, very busy.  They just opened a week ago Wednesday.  The restaurant itself is lovely and they have a brick oven where they make gourmet-style pizzas and bread.  There is a soup, salad and bread bar with flavored butters and oils, all of which is very tasty.  We both very much enjoyed what we ordered but I won't order that much next time!  A real pleasant evening...

And, finally, just a couple of progress pics for the two pieces I posted to a previous blog.  With all this wintry weather, it's a perfect time to get some stitching done...There's still the base to finish on the vase and I want to experiment with some blending filaments to try and make the gold handles and trim look a little more like gold rather than brilliant yellow!


Christopher said...

Awww shucks! Those are very pretty flowers, and I wish I could claim credit for them! Happy Valentine's day!
Love the continuing snow documentary... If nothing else, it reconfirms my decision *NOT* to go home from NYC this weekend at all--Scott & Mas made it up here on their bus Friday night, afterall.
The new restaurant there looks good---glad to hear it was good food, too! One more small step in revitalizing the downtown... every step helps!

Mary Lynne said...

Don't worry about it, Chris - you've posted more comments to the blog and you've been calling a fair amount lately, so you're both still in my good graces. :)

January said...

Nice job on the flowers, Heather! Your snowfall also wins :)

Mags and I managed to escape the complex for an overnight getaway to Charlottesville, but it took us an hour and a half to get onto I-66, because every entrance was blocked due to snow. *sigh* Much better on our return trip tonight.

Mary Lynne said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound...xo

Mary Lynne said...

An internet friend who is apparently shy to post comments here on the blog e-mailed me the following:

Lovely flower arrangement MaryLynne. Sure that brightened your day sooo much and the snow pictures are AWESOME!

Thanks, Jean! - you know who you are... :)

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