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February 07, 2010

Snow is Falling Very White, Winter is Such a Pretty Sight!

Way, way back when I was probably around 5th or 6th grade, my cousin and I one summer went into poetry writing mode and my title for this post is from one of my poems (actually, I continued my poetry writing for a few years after that so I'm not sure when I wrote this one).

Anyway, I requested pictures from Chris (Arlington, VA right outside DC), Heather (Elkridge, MD) and January (Mt. Ranier, MD - one toe over the DC line). Heather is the hands down winner for quantity - I saw this morning in a NY Times slide show of the East Coast storm that Elkridge had 32 inches of snow!!! That's a lot of snow.

So I just thought I'd share their pictures for anyone who, like me here in Huntington, didn't get hit with this "snowmageddon" (Obama's term - not mine...)


This picture is looking straight down from Chris's balcony - to me it looks like a Chinese silk painting.

This is a little stream that runs through a small park down the block from where Chris lives.  I love all the snow caps on everything...

And this is in that same little park area...the brightness in the scene is from a street lamp.


Being the tree lover she is, this is a beautiful shot of a beautiful tree.

A totally buried car ...

And a partially buried January.  And I love the "snow emergency route" sign!!  I don't think so - not today anyway! :)

And at 32 inches, Heather

Their cars - looks like they'll not be going anywhere for a while yet!

A cleared walkway over the deck to the backyard - had to be able to let their two tiny dogs out!.

A view from the deck.  That's a 6 foot high fence in the back of the yard and all the huge stacks are on a little round table, the deck railing, and (I think) the hot tub on the right.

Years from now when they're telling "the youngsters" about the storm of 2010, I'm sure they'll use this post to prove just how high the snow was. :)


vrmichie said...

Wowie kazooks!! Have been hearing from various DC/Virginia friends but these are the first pictures. It's so pretty that I almost wish we were having a New England winter. Can you believe that once again we didn't get a single flake? Actually, I'm glad we didn't but it must be quite exciting to be in the DC area as long as you have power and obviously your kiddies do. Enjoy!

January said...

So much snow! Mags and I went to pretend to dig out our car, armed with only a broom and a window scraper. Needless to say we didn't get far! Oh well, campus is closed again today, and the metro and buses aren't running so Mags is having a snow day too. Guess we'll just sit back and enjoy it!

Christopher said...

Thanks for compiling all these! Heather's are sort of amazing; she got twice the snowfall I did, pretty much. January looks like she got more than Arlington too, so I'm bringing up the rear with the "tiniest" accumulation. I do so wish I was still working in VA, for a company that followed the Fed. gov't---when they close, you get a snow day! I'd have been out all day Sunday (it was gorgeous and sunny, but freezing cold) taking pictures, and Monday as well! Up here in NYC, not a flake to be seen. Though the next storm coming Tues/Wed could bring half a foot or more, some are saying...

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