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May 11, 2010

A Fun Idea for Dinner...

but not very often!  The calorie count doesn't bear thinking about.

I don't remember what I was looking for when I pulled out one of my several 'cooking for one' cookbooks.  It had numerous little sticky notes marking recipes I thought I would try sometime.  Then, of course, put the book away and never thought of them again.

But there was a recipe for fondue and I thought "neat!  that's what I can have for dinner tonight."  I had everything but the cheese so went and got that.  The recipe called for 7 ounces of cheese which is one heck of a lot of cheese, so I cut it in half and used about 3-1/2 ounces.  I had just bought a loaf of potato rosemary bread yesterday so cut some of that up, steamed a bit of broccoli so I could say I was being healthy, and, voila - fondue for supper.  Cutting the recipe in half made plenty.  Had I made the whole amount I would have had to throw about half of it out.

So, I'll put this recipe in my recipe collection also.  I just happened to have a nice, little fondue pot, basically meant for chocolate fondue, but it was just right for this.  You could certainly just make it in a small, heavy pot though - after all, since it's just for you, who's to know, right? Click HERE for the recipe.


Christopher said...

Oh boy, does that suddenly make me miss (and realize I will continue to miss) Artisanal now that I'm no longer commuting to NYC. What a terrific little treat of a meal!

Mary Lynne said...

Take heart, Chris - there's always the ... what's the name of that fondue place? I even said it today to January and now I can't remember it. At any rate, get a group of your friends together one of these weekends and go slurp it up! :)

P.S. - Nice to hear from you...

January said...

Melting Pot! Not Artisanal at all, granted, but pleasant and tasty nonetheless. I'm so glad it worked out for you Mama - I sure did think it sounded like a fun idea.
Makes me hungry!

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