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May 01, 2010

I Made Some Pasta!

I haven't made any since Johnny's visit and the other night I made "Penne With Tuna, Tomatoes and Black Olives" from that new "Pleasures of Cooking for One Cookbook" I've already posted about.  That night I made it with penne, but I decided I would use the other half of the tuna to make it again and make my own pasta.

This time, I decided to make little bows.  I wanted something that the bits of tuna and black olive would cling to nicely and it worked real well.

I got all my ingredients out and sliced and chopped while the pasta was "resting".  Had a little wine too.  Decided that maybe that's why it went so well when we made pasta in Florence!

And here's my little bowties after I rolled out my dough.  Had a little trouble with that thinnest setting again on my machine, but I brushed the dough with a little dusting of flour and that seemed to help.  I cut out circles with a scalloped edge cutter and then just squeezed the dough together in the center.  Kind of cute, I think. :)

And here's the finished product before I ate it all up.  I've enjoyed this recipe both times I made it.  For some reason, this time, the skins on the grape tomatoes were tougher which is kind of mysterious.  When tomatoes are ripe this summer, I'll make this again and peel the tomatoes.  I'm going to put this recipe in my recipe collection so you can find it (here). It's a nice change from the standard tomato type sauces - even though I really like my puttanesca sauce!

And that's it for this Saturday evening where it wants to rain, but hasn't managed to pull it off yet. I washed my two dining room windows today so that should encourage the rain. :)

Oh, and I have another 40 year old child now.  Heather turns 40 today so happy, happy birthday, baby. :)


Christopher said...
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January said...

This looks really nice Mama! And well done on the bow ties - they're great!

Christopher said...

Looks delish... I especially like the composition of the dinner plate shot, just photographically speaking, let alone that it makes my stomach grumble... :)

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