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July 16, 2011

Speaking of weather...

My cyber-friend, Jean, in Phoenix, AZ, sent me this link to a video of the sandstorm they experienced there last Tuesday, July 5.

She wrote:  "Last Tuesday [July 5th] we had the Mother of all dust storms [haboob].  What a mess.  Actually still cleaning up after it.  Every cranny and nook is just gritty, sandy dust.  Hope you enjoy the videos.  Lots more on google.  I opened the door and could not believe that I could hardly see my neighbors house.  One mile high, 100 miles long and moving 60 mph.  It was awesome.  Usually follows with rain, but only got a few drops, just enough to make it 'stick'.  Truly awesome."

And the video surely confirms her words.  Unbelievable!!

Here's the link: dust storm  Watch it and be glad you weren't there!!


Mary Lynne said...

I accidentally deleted my sister's comment so copied it here.

"Mind boggling! Fascinating to see but I wouldn't want to be there. But I'd happily be on your rooftop -- that was quite the sunset you captured. When are you going to get your needlework projects section constructed and show us the piece you just finished for the woman in Texas?"

I just took a picture of it last night and will post some needlework pics soon.

Diane Adams said...

Yeah well I WAS there. Lucky for me my condo has a garage and my car was safely tucked in it. Those cars that were parked in the driveways looked like they had brown snow on them it was so thick. My upstairs neighbor's pretty silver Mercedes was not so pretty the next morning.

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