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July 29, 2011

A Summer Cold - Yuck!

I should keep track - I feel like I get a cold every summer.  Always start with my throat getting sorer and scratchier, then progress on to the start of sniffles and a sneeze or two and then yesterday and today, doing nothing much except blowing my nose!  Poor me...

But...I had just started working on a miniature project (I think I mentioned I was pondering a scene for my 1/2" scale stove in a previous post).  So, I quit pondering and got started on it and when the cold hit, I didn't let it stop me (even though yesterday, especially, all I really wanted to do was go to bed).  And I'm going to post pictures just cause this is the first time I've worked on a miniature project in probably 6 or 7 years.  I made a tiny little vignette about 4 years ago for a friend's 50th birthday party but that's it.  I wasn't going to post pictures until I was all done, but I got my two little light fixtures hooked up this evening and that's always such a great feeling when they work that I figured, what the heck and so here's the picture. :)

I used what miniaturists call "printies" which is stuff you can find on line for printing off and making all sorts of stuff for miniature scenes.  I just used it for the wallpaper and the floor.  The reason the two side walls baseboard and chair rail look different than the rest is cause I haven't glued on the wood pieces yet.  But I'm pleased so far - think it has a nice cozy look.  Next will be covering up the space above the ceiling with a facade type front and I'm pretty sure I know how I'm going to do that - just hope I can do a decent job of it.  Then I'll cover the outside of the box with something and that will be pretty much be it for the box.  I'll put the bit of stuff I have inside and then I may just have to find a miniature show and do some shopping!

On a totally different subject, I had lunch with my friend, Peggy, who is (thank heavens) finally back from Florida and after lunch we went to the bakery for bread and then went into the Bottle and Wedge (the beer, wine and cheese shop) cause Peggy didn't even know it was there.  Turns out she and her husband enjoy brewery-type beers and the store lets you "build" your own 6-pack, so she did that.  Got me so inspired, I bought two myself.  One was a wheat beer cause I had just been watching a cooking show the day before and he was making a marinade or something and said "now be sure and use a wheat beer for this" and having never even heard of wheat beer, my thought was "yeah, and where do we get that???"  And there it was.  I also bought a summer beer and decided a couple of hours ago to see what a beer might do for my poor sick self cause I had been coughing and blowing til I thought I was going to have to be put down.  And, strangely enough, it's been somewhat better since I finished it.  Quite a while ago, I posted my medical discovery of putting ground up aspirin on a wound that wouldn't heal and was hurting like heck, and now I've discovered that beer can help the common cold sufferer.  I may have to put out a shingle soon!

I guess that's about it for now - I really haven't done much except work on my little project and feel sorry for myself.  So, everyone say there, there... :)


Christoper said...

Ah... now the new printer makes more sense!! :) Neato work---what will go on the right and left sides of that half-wall? Looking forward to watching it unfold in 'real time' on your blog posts...

Mary Lynne said...

Yeah, I'm really tickled with the printer - such a fantastic price and I really was frustrated fairly often at not having one. When I was doing the needlework for my Texas friend, I would work up the patterns on my computer and then either have to transfer them to graph paper or sit with my netbook open beside me - not the best way to stitch. And, of course, I couldn't print off driving directions or maps and so on.

Oh, and the half wall - on the smaller side will be the kitchen and on the other side, I have a trestle table, 4 ladderback chairs and two Windsor armchairs and also a hutch.

elly in amsterdam said...

Hope you feel better now Mary Lynne! And please do keep us posted about how the roombox will unfold later.

PS Frequently bathing wounds,that won't heal, in soda can also be helpful- unless they are in your face, of course :-)


Jamie said...

Adorable! Yes - very warm and inviting! Can't wait to see the finished product. Hope the cold is better!

diane adams said...

Hope you are feeling better now. Printies - don't know what I would do without them. I belong to a printies group and have thousands of them. I haven't paid money for wallpaper in a very long time. At one time I used to make whole miniature scenes out of nothing but printies.

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