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August 05, 2011

I've Finished Building My Kitchen/Dining Roombox!!

Mind you, it will now be an ongoing project as I try to gather up some "stuff" to fill it up.  Right now it's looking pretty barren.  But it's done and I'm pleased with it.  It's not perfect, but my projects never are and for how long it's been since I've done anything like this, it could have turned out a lot worse.

So, of course, here are pictures...

The dark wood down the sides and across the bottom is dollhouse picture frame molding so I'll be able to slide a sheet of acrylic down inside to help keep it from getting too dirty.  I'll probably rearrange the furniture a few times too.  In fact, it already is in a different arrangement that I'll look at for a while.  I want to make some kind of little chair pads at least for the two Windsor armchairs, plus I want to put a finish on them - they just bare wood right now.  And I desperately need some dishes for the hutch, a little something for on the table, pictures, etc.  In the kitchen I'm in the process of trying to get just a little piece or two of the same cabinets I put in my 1/2" scale dollhouse kitchen.  And I have various pots and pans, a few canned goods, a basket of veggies, a baguette (me and my baguettes!).  A couple of throw rugs would be nice too...maybe a cat...

A closer picture of the little stove that made all this effort necessary.  I've glued the missing plate back on.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I had an old cookbook with these charming pictures that I thought about using to make a corner scene, where the Italy page and a facing page with an Italian recipe would be the walls.  But I found I didn't want to put anything in front of the pictures or the recipe!  So, I took these two pictures and put one on each side of the box.  I thought about choosing Germany since I lived there for a year, but I didn't like the picture as well and who knows, I may get myself to Scandinavia!

And this last picture is where it will be in my kitchen, except I'm going to mount it on the wall to get it up off the counter.  So, that's how it will look when I walk into the kitchen and I'm just real happy with it. :)
And, guess what?  Last night I was looking at the Miniature Collector magazine and saw the ad for the IGMA show in September right outside NYC, and I thought oooh, that would be a great show.  Then I thought maybe, possibly, conceivably, Chris might want to go and we could share the cost of a room.  Cause aside from not liking the job he had while he was working there, he loved NYC and especially the Artisanal restaurant and he's fairly intrigued by miniatures himself - not obsessed like some of us get, but enjoys seeing the beautiful work of some of the artisan miniaturists.  So I called, we talked about it and this morning I get an e-mail from him saying he went ahead and reserved a room and we can take our time ironing out the details.  Is that great, or what?!  I've never been to an IGMA show and am really looking forward to it.

And, I guess that's it for tonight.  I'm over my cold and just back to having apparently sinus issues with a drippy nose, achy teeth, and periodic headaches.  But since that's how it was before my cold, I guess I can live with that.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!


Diane Adams said...

It looks really great. And will look even better when you get all the accessories into it. Love the idea of the cookbook pics on the sides. They are really cute. Congrats on your accomplishment.

Mary Lynne said...

Marlene in California always sends me such nice notes when I post that every now and then I just have to add them here. Here's what she said about my project:

What a great job you did, Mary Lynne, so fitting for that delightful stove. The little children pictures are a great addition to what are usually boring roombox sides. You and Chris will certainly have a great time at the IGMA show and I'm sure you will come home with many treasures for your kitchen! Congratulations on your mini achievement! M

So thanks to both Marlene and Diane for such very nice comments.

Christopher said...

What a terrific idea for the outer sides, since the one side especially will always be so visible.
Looking forward to the NYC trek---for all the things you mentioned! I might just have to search out a miniature SLR camera and lenses at the show, to have as a tabletop accessory in the room-box you've got panned for me ;) When I thought of that today, I also thought maybe you should leave a fairly blank wall, and you could frame up some of my own photographs printed to scale, for a 'gallery' effect...

Mary Lynne said...

Neat idea on the photograph wall! Not too sure that you'll find a camera - I think I've seen them in miniature but they've been old-fashioned ones...

Chinch said...

I love the way that's going to look in your kitchen and especially love the Italy picture at the end -- couldn't be more perfect for you. Also really like the facade that you built for across the top. Wish I also could be going to the IMGA with you and would think about coming down and staying with Ami so I could meet up with you for a day but regardless of when it is in Sept, the before, during and after of our company pretty much rules out that idea -- guess I'll confine my miniature interests to your Stockbridge show. And you can delete this part from the comments but if damn thing once again doesn't go thru, I'll never post a comment again and instead you can do like you do with Marlene and post what you feel like from an email. So here goes.... xoxo

Mary Lynne said...

Just so everyone understands, Chinch (my sister) sends comments faithfully and probably about half of them never show up for me to publish. Hence her mild outburst about comments. :)

And, if any of your company cancels, just "come on down!" The more the merrier...you could even share our room although it would mean sleeping with me.

jamie said...

Love, love, love the room box! The stove was definitely worth building the room! It is absolutely precious and you did a fantastic job. Why do you say your stuff is never perfect? It is perfection personified! Can't wait to see the final version. And I am so jealous of the trip to NY and eating at the Artisanal!

Janet said...

I just love all your dollhouse miniatures! I have been looking at all of them this evening until I can barely see - blowing up the individual shots. It was well worth it!! You are so creative - of course, being Chris's Mom - it's obvious you would also have to be very talented! :)

Mary Lynne said...

Ah, Janet - now you're making me blush! :) Thanks for such nice comments.

And, Jamie, if we get together with Cindy for dinner next week, you'll have to come up and see it "in the flesh". :)

Sandra from Sydney said...

Mary Lynne, I just love the kitchen roombox! The pictures on the exterior are perfect and the roombox is a lovely addition to your RL kitchen. Will you be doing some needlework for the rugs (ducking for cover here)! Half scale should be okay to stitch. Glad you are over your cold too, they are miserable things - though it doesn't sound as though you are all that well even now. Take care of yourself and get well for that wonderful trip to the IGMA show - I am really jealous of that opportunity!
Warmest hugs

Mary Lynne said...

Great to hear from you, Sandie! When I'm working on my blog posts, I see your address for your "Sandra from Sydney" blog and have worried a little about if you were all right. Today, when I got your comment, I noticed the "Snippets from My Studio" link and went to visit that one. Was delighted to hear that you're busy with various projects and really enjoyed what I've read so far, especially that Betterley project! For other readers, here is a link to that blog which you will enjoy if you enjoy miniatures: http://snippetsfrommystudio.blogspot.com/

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