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August 11, 2011

Just a Quick Note (I think...)

My quick notes get long quickly. :)

I just posted a new recipe on my Recipe Collection page for a smoked salmon pasta with lemon and dill that I made a couple of nights ago and really enjoyed.  If you try it and like it, let me know!  And I actually learned how to set up a table within a post which is nice cause I can put in the full ingredients for a recipe and then in a second column put in how much I need to use for just me.  I find myself using my recipe collection here as my recipe file.

It is a beautiful evening tonight - in fact it's been pleasant all day.  Brilliant sun but low humidity and probably a high of around 85.  Sure beats what we've been having.  And now tonight is just perfect.  I was up on the roof having my little wine and cheese "dinner" and once they quit playing their insanely loud music down at the free "concert" at Pullman Square (which they have every Thursday night in the summer), it was perfect.

They're also having the annual rib fest this weekend and that started this evening.  I've gone a few times, but I find it's a lot of money to put out for a little bit of food.  You pay to get in and then, of course, pay for the food too so for just some barbecue and a soda, it's fairly expensive.   It sure smelled good though - with all the smokers going you can smell it all over town.

Went to see the movie "Midnight in Paris" last night mainly cause I wanted some popcorn and ended up really enjoying it.  It was just a romantic comedy, I suppose, but a really interesting story line, the music was great and at the very beginning, instead of just starting with the credits, there's like a video tour of the city of Paris, no words - no credits, just gorgeous views and what I thought was a really wonderful musical score.  So, if you haven't seen it - give it a look, maybe.

If you've made it down this far, here's a pretty picture as a reward.  Just my beautiful Ohio River, but I never get tired of it.  I'm disappointed though because when I took it, I could see the next bridge on down the river and there's not even a whisper of it in the picture which kind of surprises me.  And now, I just clicked to make this bigger and the second bridge is visible so Wilbur, I am content.

I feel pretty certain that there was something that for the past couple of days I've thought - remember to post that when you post the recipe.  I've spent a fair amount of time working on a couple of trip ideas I have but it's not that.  So, if there was something, it's now gone, so I will sign off on this lovely Thursday evening and wish everyone a happy weekend. 


Christopher said...

We are finally enjoying a break from the 90's here---glad you've got such pleasant weather there. Reading about the BBQ makes my mouth water, but yeah, it can end up an expensive way to "nibble" :) Do the proceeds go to a charity?

Mary Lynne said...

I don't THINK they do. The money you pay for the food of course goes to the vendors and I think the entry fee goes to the Parks and Recreation Department probably. But I'm sure the bbq-ers pay a fee for space, so it seems a little bit like overkill to me. But, then, I'm weird - spend bunches of money on something like travel and minis and such, but complain about a bar-b-q costing $15 or $20!


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