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August 22, 2011

Another Recipe and Catching Up

I just posted another recipe to my recipe collection (see tab above).  This is for scrambled eggs with olives which may sound fairly awful but I gave it a shot and loved it.

And as far as catching up, I was awakened at 3:00 a.m. Friday morning to the sound of running water, went to see what on earth (while one of our torrential storms raged outside) and found water pouring out of the ceiling vent fan in my bathroom.  I also found, being in my bare feet that I was standing on soggy carpet. :(  So, since then, I've pretty much been taken up with first of all doing all I could to sop up what seemed to be a vast amount of water in the bathroom (no problem, tile floor), my entire hallway into the entry area of the bedroom, and around the corner into the living room out to the front door.  Sometime Friday they brought in four of those industrial type fans and I spent the next 24 hours or so in a wind tunnel - had to go into my little office closet when I wanted to use the phone).  This is the first day that I've actually felt like staying home and getting caught up on things a little.  I spent the weekend doing what I could here for as long as I could stand it and then leaving til I got unstressed enough to come back and do some more.

It's what's coming that is keeping me kind of stressed.  I have a fair amount of water damage to areas of my walls throughout the apartment.  It's worst in the bathroom but my bedroom closet will have to have wallboard replaced and there are several other places where the wallboard tape has curled up and that may mean those pieces of wallboard would have to be replaced also, unless they can somehow peel off the tape and just put on new (doubtful).  However they repair it, I'm assuming they'll have to paint the entire apartment because even where there is no damage, the color wouldn't match after being on the walls for 5 years.  I can't quite imagine how it's all going to take place without various disasters occurring, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

I think last week I was thinking of several tidbits I needed to journal but they've mostly flown out of my head with all this.  But I can report that we're getting yet another new little business downtown - about a block away from me.  It's a frozen yogurt place called "Tropical Moon" and some of you may be familiar with them.  I guess you go in and serve yourself whatever flavors you want with whatever toppings and they charge by the ounce.  Oh wowee wow is about all I can say about that! :)

Another place is going to be opening too and it's an aqua-massage salon(?)  Has anyone ever heard of those and/or used them?  I can't quite imagine it - he said it's like a tanning bed and you get in and get massaged with needles of spray.  But then what - you just get out and drip for a while?  I mean, this is going to be in a store that used to be a peanut/candy store and has windows and a very visible inside...don't know if I'll work up the nerve for that or not.

Anyway, that's it from Lake Woebegone (such an appropriate name right now...)

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Christopher said...

May your woe soon be gone... glad to hear things are drying out -- any new news on the cause? And yes, the repair work will be a mess, but there's only so much you can do about that, and then, well, the rest is cleanup. Perhaps you could move say, some mini's that would be most prone to getting really dusty (and hard to clean) to a neighbor's apartment during the worst of the drywall days?

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