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September 05, 2011

P.S. to My Morning Post

I had a  few more pictures to add to what I typed this morning and got so caught up in the recipes I forgot all about it!

My older daughter and her family have recently become alpaca farmers - how's that for a hoot!?  So on the left is a picture of little Sophia with some of the little alpacas.  And on the right is a picture of little Sophia with her hair cut!!!  She started kindergarten this past week and reported to her mom when she got home after her first day ..."SCHOOL IS AWESOME!!!" And, yes, I used all caps cause when Sophia's happy and excited about something she's really excited and happy about it. :)

And they're refurbishing another building downtown.  When we moved here so many of the old buildings had false fronts on them.  I guess that was the style in what? the fifties or sixties?  Anyway, over the last 5 or so years, a lot of those have been coming down and it sure is making Huntington a more attractive city.  These next pictures are of what was one of three theaters in downtown Huntington (all of which closed back when the mall opened up with a multiplex type theater).  One is back in business and is used for special concerts, the Marshall Artists Series, wedding receptions(!), etc.  The other shows second run movies for a much lower price than the first run movies in the big theaters.  And this third one has been the Joslyn School of Dance for several years now and I don't know what the plan is now that they are restoring the outside.  I shall be watching for further developments.

This is as close as I have to what it looked like before they started.  You can see the fake panels covered the entire front.  That's the marquee coming down when I took this picture.  Isn't the brick work great?  Very art-deco I think.

And now everything has been removed and they've put the plywood up across the top.  I think it's really going to be attractive when it's finished.

And now that is really and truly it for today.  Please be sure and visit the post below this one for a few more pictures from Huntington and my update on floods, fender benders, etc. :)


Christopher said...

SO nice to see originals brought back...! Especially when (in my opinion) very, very little from the late 50's - 70's was worth saving, and when they skinned over an older building, what they covered up in these cases is almost always better (perhaps it takes hindsight in the public?) than the skin the wrapped around it later.

canadian friend said...

Hope that it will be bring it back in no time and with different kind of art and design.

Mary Lynne said...

Welcome Canadian friend and thanks for visiting! I'm curious is you're someone I know from one of the on-line groups I belong to... :)

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