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September 15, 2011

West Virginia Fame

I don't how many people I know who have had the experience when traveling of telling people they're from West Virginia and people think they mean the western part of the state of Virginia!  We treat it as "sort of" a joke, but I'm sure for true WV natives, it rankles a little.

But...it's going to be difficult before too long for anybody not to know about us.  Just in the past few years, we've had our wonderful Hillbilly Hotdogs featured on the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives", plus they were mentioned in a travel issue of "National Geographic" magazine and even got a mention in a London newspaper!  And, of course, Jamie Oliver did his first set of the "Jamie's Kitchen" here in Huntington.  And I was just reading the latest issue of "Budget Travel" magazine recently, and they had a section on the "10 most delightful towns in the US" and right up in the number one spot was Lewisburg, WV!!  It IS a delightful town - I've been there several times and always enjoy it.  And, now last night, a young man from Logan, WV, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., won "America's Got Talent".  I don't watch the show and only learned last week from a friend that he was one of the finalists.  When the news came on last night, that was the lead story which I thought was kind of fun.

So, look out world - West Virginia IS a state and who knows what will come next in our climb up the ladder of nationwide (and then world, no doubt) recognition!

And from my own experience, living in lots of different places, I can only say it is the friendliest state I've ever lived in and I love its hills and my Ohio River. 


Christopher said...

That's one pretty view!
Congrats on the ever-increasing fame and recognition for West, bygod, Virginia!

Diane Adams said...

From all the pics you have shown I think it is a really lovely place. Keep thinking I'll have to visit it sometime. Not likely to happen, but I do think about it.

Mary Lynne said...

I took that picture when I still lived in the house up on Scenic Lane - that was the view from my neighbor's yard across the street from me. I could see a smidgin of the river from my living room window if I leaned up close to the glass. :)

Mary Lynne said...

and just think, Di - we could go over to that wonderful miniature museum in Maysville, KY! Just say when. :)

Healthier And Wealthier said...

I found you in such a weird way. I had a blogger question that you also had 2009!!! Oh well. I LOVE your age... close to mine so here I am! How did you like solo traveling? Just wondered. Might try it sometime.

Stephanie Wemm said...

This is interesting because almost every time I mention I'm from West Virginia (except around people that are from Pennsylvania, of which there are quite a few up here!), I have to explain that no, not Western Virginia and no, I'm nowhere near a beach.

Mary Lynne said...

Gosh, Steph - dare I say that the people asking you about it are doubly ummm, dumb? Not only do they not know it's a state, but the beaches in Virginia are on the eastern side!

Nice to hear from you. :)

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