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February 27, 2012

I Have Begun!

so OMG and ooh-la-la!  I just booked a small apartment in Paris for a week - from May 23 through May 30!!!  I thought I was probably going to die before I got something - anything - settled about my trip.  But this will give me something to work around and I will probably still get frazzled now and then but I don't think as badly.

Like I said in an earlier post, Heather will arrive in Paris on 5/17 (Thursday) and probably leave on Monday.  But I think wherever we stay (and that will probably be her choice), we'll get the room until the 23rd so I don't have to find another place to stay for a couple of nights. 

I have to decide now should I get to France before she arrives (a week or two) or should I get there at the same time and then add on another week or so of travel after May 30?  Ah, travel plans - how they absorb one...

No pictures - just had to share the news. :)


Elga said...

Of course you have to add a few days, airfare is so expensive, you have to make the most of it!!!! Enjoy!!!! I just found this stunning little house in Paris that is begging me to make it in miniature


And here is the visiting hours

Mary Lynne said...

Thanks, Elga! I've bookmarked that blog - looks like there will be all sorts of suggestions/ recommendations.

Did you read that the Chateau Bagatelle was built in 64 days??!!! Hard to believe, especially back then when everything was non-mechanical. It would make a delightful miniature. :)

Did you notice that my reservation at the apartment runs out just a few days before the big show in Amsterdam? Hmmm...you and Elga may just have another tag-along. :)

Elga said...

Yes I did notice, it will be great to have you along!!!!!

Christopher said...

How exciting... I hope you and Heather work out the plans for lodgings, etc., and can put that fully behind you... Looks like you're off to a good start!

elly in amsterdam said...

Good lord, gal : add some extra time and get to the Rheda dolls house fair and meet Elga and me !!!!!


Christopher said...

...that does seem like a pretty logical thing to do, mom... going all that way and not getting to see a show in that area...? I'd certainly try and make it work!

Chinch said...

I'm way behind but congratulations!!!! And I agree with everyone else -- go for as long as you can whether it's before or after Heather. xoxo

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