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February 23, 2012

I Got It Done, I Got It Done (sing-song voice here)

My pottery shop is finished.  And that's finished in the sense that I will sometime make a sign for it - thinking of either "Purely Pottery" or "Pottery Plus".  And I may fool with the arrangement of things a time or two although I'm happy enough with it right now and will wait awhile to see if I want to do any rearranging.  It's fairly frustrating work with shaky old hands.

But here it is.  Of course, when I got it placed where it will sit now, I noticed that I hadn't cleaned off the glue residue from when it was a Christmas shop and I had glued a sign on the glass to cover the window shade and "closed" sign.  So that's something else I still need to do.

And here are two close-up pictures of the window - both of them having different good and bad points, neither of them perfect.

The colors in the picture on the left are probably closest to true.  But without the light, it's pretty dark looking.  With the light on you can see the little figurines my sister gave me a long time ago and, for which til now, I've never had a spot in which to display them.  They're miniatures of a famous kind of French figurines that I can't for the life of me remember what they're called..

The wallpaper turned out to be a little dark although it does look better in real life - still kind of dark but not as dark as in these pictures.  If I call it Purely Pottery, I suppose I would need to take out the blue bottle and maybe even the figurines.  So I will probably call it Pottery Plus.

And I know I've posted pictures of the Christmas shop before, but just for comparison, here's what my magical shop will turn into come next Christmas and thank heavens that should not be quite as maddening as this project with its shelves!  I'll just put in the second back I've made and place everything like it is in these pictures.

"And I sure wish I could have realized I didn't have to tear off that wallpaper", she muttered sadly as she wandered out to the kitchen...


Christopher said...

Congratulations! It looks like it was always a pottery shop... I knew you'd be up to the challenge. How neat it can do double duty throughout the year...! I love the little jug on the doorstep...
What about "Pottery Patch" or even, "Pot-pourri" teehee...

Elga said...

I love it Mary Lynne!!!! Can I come shopping????? :-)

Chinch said...

I'm with Elga. I want to come shopping!!! They are both so charming and maybe between now and Xmas you'll find another paper to love but I agree your ripped off one is/was quite perfect. I've put it on my list to remember to ask Susan the name of those figurines because I can't remember either.

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Mary Lynne, lovely pottery shop. Congratulations on finishing it! Natalia

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