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April 24, 2012

Moving right along...

Yesterday I got the wallpapering finished and started on the wainscoting.  I had to paint, sand, paint, and varnish an extra strip of the wainscot cap because for some reason I had only done one.  My brain must have been running low on that day!

On the left, all finished with the wallpaper which gave me more fits than I would have liked.  My idea of making a slicker surface for the paste to slide on didn't seem to help much.  But it's on and I am pleased with the seam at the ceiling.  I didn't really want to install crown mold and the meeting of ceiling and paper is good enough that I don't have to.  It's not that I'm lazy or afraid to - I just think with the smallness of the room, all the wainscoting, and everything I want to put in it, it doesn't really need more "trim".  I left the two blank spaces for the bookcases.  They won't be built in, but they won't be sticking out as much from the wall as they would have with the baseboard and wainscot cap running behind them.  I should probably have taken the paper all the way down to the floor though, but I didn't think of that til I had the wainscoting in.  Which it is in the photo on the right and I'm really liking it.

I know - all the pictures look alike but they're not.  The one on the left now has all three walls with the wainscot applied and the one up above only had 2 walls.  So that's progress, right?  And the one on the right shows the bookcases in place and the wainscot cap installed on the two side walls - still need to do the bit between the bookcases.  And in this picture the room looks deeper than it is wide and that's not the case.  The room measures about 15" wide by 10" deep and the ceiling is about 10" high.

Next will come the wiring and I've drilled a hole on each side wall and in the ceiling to start.  I'm going to use sconces on the back wall and want to try one of those on/off slide switches so that just the lamp(s?) and sconces could be on sometimes.

And totally off topic, here's what I had for dinner last night.  I haven't been doing much cooking and haven't been eating much in the way of meat and when I'm in a phase like that, I finally get to where I'm craving some beef.  So yesterday I bought myself a little filet and cooked it on my cast iron grill pan.  Already had the potatoes and I rubbed them with olive oil and sprinkled them with the seasoned salt my sister gave me back some time ago and roasted them in my toaster oven.  Had the zucchini and yellow squash also and browned it up in olive oil with some garlic and a little more of the seasoned salt.  And, oh boy, it was good!!

Tomorrow, I hope to get some actual wiring done although since I'm taking the lamp wires to the outside of the box, I may get done as much as I can to everything before I actually wire the lamps in so they won't be rattling around as I'm turning the box upside down, etc.  Guess I could always tape them to the floor...or maybe I should put an outlet on the outside of the box...no, that defeats the purpose of wiring outside - I want to solder everything so hopefully they won't just quit working one day.

Anyway, that's today's report!


rosanna said...

Both lovely, the room and your dinner. I am not eating much lately and your plate looks truly yummy. I wish you a lovely Sunday, Ro

Christopher said...

The "nearly done" view is so nice! With the bookcases in, the wainscot up. Quite a handsome room... (And dinner looks fantastic!)

Mary Lynne said...

Thanks to both of you. And Rosanna is one of the miniaturists I had in mind when I mentioned other blogs that journal their building projects. In my profile, under "blogs I follow", you'll find her blog "La Casa Rossa" and it's pretty enthralling.

Mary Lynne said...

From Marlene who always sends nice notes responding to my posts. :)

:Your bon voyage party table looks nice and inviting and will make your guests start packing their bags to go with you!

Sorry you are having light problems with January's roombox. I agree, it does look a bit dark and you should be able to show off your beautiful bookcases. I wish I had a solution, Mary Lynne! "

I think Chinch is right about having the bookcases filled will help make them more visible and I have a floor lamp, but like all scale floor lamps, to me it seems too low. It barely comes to the top of the wing chair.

But, for now, it is resting on the back burner and will give me something to be anxious to get back to when my trip is over.

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