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July 25, 2012

And, presto! Pesto!!

Just a quick note - last night, almost 2 years after my cooking class in Riomaggiore, Italy, I made some pesto.  A man who lives in my building had planted two of the building's window boxes with herbs, mainly basil and now it is going to seed and looking kind of bedraggled so the other night I went down and cut off a batch of the best looking pieces. (He had told people to help themselves...)

And yesterday I made pesto with it!  I looked at a couple of recipes on line and they both said if you don't have pine nuts, walnuts are okay and I had walnuts.

It was an interesting experiment and it sure made me wonder how people made it using a mortar and pestle.  You're supposed to have a food processor, of course, which I don't, but I figured I could make it in my mini-mincer.  And that did a good job on chopping up the basil, walnuts, and garlic, but then there was no way to add the oil.  I ended up dirtying the mini-mincer, my blending stick thingie and the cup that goes with it, and two small mixing bowls getting the job done.

But I also ended up with pesto and last night tried it out on half of a little demi baguette from our bakery.  The first piece I put the pesto on first and then a quite thin slice of fresh tomato and toasted it.  It came out kind of dry, so for the other piece, I put the tomato on first and spread the pesto around on top of that which worked better.

I'm going to try it on pasta next - think that should be quite tasty.  And even though I will probably never do it again, I'm glad I at least tried it once.  I've posted the ingredients I used (about a third of what the on-line recipe called for) HERE and if you have a food processor and love Italian food, I really encourage you to try it.  Aside from struggling due to lack of proper equipment, it is as easy as 1,2,3!

Bon appetit!


Christopher said...

Sounds delish to me...! Maybe you just need one of those teensy electric choppers, that look like tiny food processors...

Mary Lynne said...

Mine's sort of like a processor but doesn't have the feed tube. And now that you mention, I've seen those tiny food processor-type ones, although even they are bigger than my mini-mincer. But it might be worth finding a spot for the kind you're talking about - would probably get more use out of it. :)

Mary Lynne said...

And I just noticed after I posted, I have a new follower - stvplyr - so welcome to you. Don't know if you signed on because of cooking, minis, travel, needlework...but it always makes me happy to see someone else has joined my faithful group. :)

By the way, faithful group, I've tried each time I saw a new follower to use the link to send a welcome e-mail and each time get told "sorry, we can't do that at this time". So just know I'm very happy to have ALL of my followers. :)

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